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How Well Do You Know: The Crow
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The Crow quiz

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1. The Crow occurs one year to the day of Erik and Shelly's murder. What day is that?
October 31st
October 30th
Dec 25th
2. What did Erik do for a living before his untimely demise?
3. What very bad person was obsessed with knives?
Top Dollar
Tin Tin
4. The four original scumbags that Draven seeks out are killed in what order?
T-Bird, Funboy, Skank, Tin Tin
Funboy, Skank, Tin Tin, T-Bird
Tin Tin, Skank, T-Bird, Funboy
Tin Tin, Funboy, T-Bird, Skank
5. Top Dollar starts a rant about how Devils Night has been taken over by commercialism. At one point he brings up a product that he finds depressing. What is it?
Fireproof Gas cans
Candy Pumpkins
Devil's Night Greeting Cards
Self Lighting Bonfires
6. Which bad guy does Erik turn into a charcoal briquette?
Top Dollar
7. Who does Erik pitch off the roof of a building and onto the top of a patrol car?
Sgt. Albrecht
8. Our introduction to Top Dollar comes as he relaxes in a bedroom with a prostitute and his naked half sister. (Ew.) As they speak, Top Dollar and Myca realize that the prostitute has died. What does Top Dollar say in response to this development?
'So much for our deposit.'
'Another one?'
'So Fragile.'
'I think we broke her.'
9. Erik visits two people and doesn't kill them. Who are they?
Darla and Albrecht
Top Dollar and Myca
Albrecht and Gideon
Gideon and Darla
10. Top Dollar and Myca suss out the secret of Draven's powers and kidnap Sarah to force him to meet them. Where do they meet?
In a park.
In a nightclub.
In a roller disco!
In an abandoned church.
11. Draven visits Gideon in his pawnshop and retrieves several items. What are they?
A ring and a Guitar.
A necklace and a jacket.
A Big Screen TV and a lava lamp.
He doesn't take anything.
12. Draven doesn't kill Gideon, but he punishes him in a different way? What does he do to Gideon?
He gives him a beating.
He cuts off his finger.
He burns down his pawnshop.
He staples his toupee to his head.
13. Despite his already bad day, Gideon's day gets worse when he goes to see Top Dollar. What happens?
Top Dollar tells him the rent is due.
Gideon falls down the stairs.
Myca cuts out his eye.
Top Dollar murders him.
14. How is Erik originally murdered?
He's beaten to death.
T-Bird runs him over with a car.
He's shot then thrown out an eight floor window.
He has an allergic reaction to peanuts.
15. How does Erik kill Tin Tin?
He shoots him.
He drowns him.
He electrocutes him.
He sticks his blades in his organs in alphabetical order.
16. 'We killed you dead! There ain't no coming back! There ain't no coming back!' Who erroneously says this to Erik when he pays them a visit?
Tin Tin
17. Top Dollar has a flair for the dramatic and likes to use swords. What two people become intimately familiar with that weapon?
Gideon and Draven
T-Bird and Draven
Skank and Gideon
Darla and Gideon
18. 'That's Skank over there. Skank's dead!' Who says this?
Top Dollar
19. 'Victims. Aren't we all?' Who dies immediately after this line is spoken?
Fun Boy
Top Dollar
Tin Tin
20. How does Top Dollar try to make Draven vulnerable?
He sets him on fire.
He has an exorcism.
He arranges for Draven to be audited by the IRS.
He shoots the crow.
21. Who goes to see Gideon before Draven does?
Tin Tin
22. Aside from the articles in the pawn shop, Draven only takes one other thing from one other person. Who was it and what did he take?
T-Bird, his car.
Top Dollar, his sword.
Tin Tin, his jacket.
Fun Boy, his gun.
23. Who helps Draven escape from the police after he breaks up Top Dollars meeting?
24. Who buys Sarah a hot dog, hold the onions?
25. After Draven kidnaps T-Bird, Skank steals a car and tries to follow them like a particularly scuzzy puppy dog. What 'ingenious' method does he use to obtain the car?
He pretends to be a valet.
He hotwires an ambulance.
He gets hit by a car, then gets into a fight with the driver.
He attempts (and succeeds) to carjack a police cruiser.

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