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Dawn of the Dead quiz

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Question number 5 has the wrong answer..when ana crashes her car, Kenneth ( Ving ) holds a gun up to her head and says "say something" ( the answer said it was Michael)
Jerzmom114 5/5/11 6:31 pm


1. At the beginning of the film, Ana (Sarah Polley) works in a:
TV station
2. Ana's husband was zombified by a little girl named Vivian....
...who was Ana's daughter
...who was Ana's niece
...who was a girl from Ana's neighborhood
...who had not been seen before in the film
3. Which was not part of the scene in which Ana attempts to escape her housing development?
A car crashes into gas station and explodes
After chasing Ana, Ana's husband attacks another woman
Ana crashes her car into a police station
Ana sees zombies attacking someone trapped on a bus
4. Which singer's song plays over the opening credits?
Johnny Cash
Neil Diamond
Willie Nelson
Bob Dylan
5. After her crash, which character did Ana meet first?
Andre (Mekhi Phifer)
Nicole (Lindy Booth)
Kenneth (Ving Rhames)
Michael (Jake Weber)
6. Michael found the first of the zombies in the mall in what type of store?
Shoe store
Sporting goods store
Candy store
Lingerie store
7. What was not a name of one of the three security guards Ana, Michael and company met in the mall?
8. Which horror movie veteran had a cameo in the film as a sheriff on a television explaining how to kill the zombies?
John Saxon
Christopher Lee
Tom Savini
Tom Atkins
9. The mall gang goes up to the roof top put up large signs. The signs read "Help" and:
Zombies Suck!
Bite Free
Alive Inside
We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do!
10. Up on the roof, Ana and friends "meet" Andy while he is shooting zombies from the roof of his store. What kind of store does Andy have?
Pet store
Auto parts store
Gun store
Medical supply store
11. A new batch of survivors (including one soon-to-be-zombified portly woman) arrive at the mall via:
Cement truck
Delivery truck
12. When Really Heavy Zombie Woman was re-animated, who did she bite first?
Luda (Andre's girlfriend)
CJ the security guard
No one - she was killed before she bit anyone
13. After Ana realizes that being bitten causes the zombification, Michael argues that one of the newcomers must be killed pre-emptively. Who stands by to carry out the execution, but waits until the man "dies" to do so?
14. What game do Kenneth and Andy play long-distance?
15. Kenneth makes a game of having Andy pick off zombies that have gathered around the mall entrance. How does he indicate to Andy which zombie to kill?
By describing what they're wearing
With a laser scope
By naming celebrities the zombies look like
By throwing rocks at them
16. One of the security guards is killed by the zombies right after Michael and Kenneth find a dog. Where did this happen?
On the roof
By the slushee stand
In the movie theater
On one of the parking levels
17. Put the following events in order:
a) Andre and the woman sent to check on him killed each other
b) Luda died and was reanimated
c) Ana killed Andre's zombie child
d) The zombie child was born
D - A - B - C
B - D - A - C
A - B - C - D
D - B - A - C
18. Ana says to Michael, "that might be the most romantic thing anyone's ever shown me." To what is she referring?
A double-barrel shotgun
His wedding ring, that she game to him
A chainsaw designed to clear zombies off the side of a bus
Barbed wire stretched out along the side of the bus
19. The group formulates a plan to escape the mall. What is their destination?
A marina
An airfield
A military compound
A police station
20. Kenneth had an idea to rig a package to the dog and send it over to Andy. What items were in the package?
Food and plans for an escape
A radio and food
Food and ammo
A radio and guns
21. How did Kenneth and Michael make their way over to Andy's?
On a zipline
By running really, really fast
Through the sewer
With the truck
22. When the group attempted to escape from the mall, who drove the two buses?
Michael & CJ
Ana & CJ
Michael & Kenneth
Kenneth & Ana
23. The Dawn of the Dead remake was released approximately how many years after the original?
24. Which character reveals at the marina that s/he has been bitten?
25. Footage that plays over the final credits suggests that:
One of the group was accidentally left back at the mall
The zombies were eventually erradicated
Ana was a zombie all along!
The group was ultimately doomed

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