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How Well Do You Know: Music and Lyrics
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Music and Lyrics quiz

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1. The film opens with a video from Alex's former band. What is the name of the song, which also incorporates the name of the band. What is it?
Gee! You're Very Good Looking
Pop! Goes My Heart
Wow! It's Time to Make Love
Shazam! Let's Get Funky
2. Alex was intrigued to be asked to take part in Battle of the '80s Has-Beens, until he learned that the show was actually a:
Video game competition
Arm-wrestling competition
Boxing competition
Japanese game show-style competition
3. Alex first meets Sophie when she comes to his apartment to:
Tend to his plants
Do his taxes
Tune his piano
Install his new flat-screen TV
4. Alex first meets Cora Corman on the shoot for a video for her song called:
Star of David
If Jesus Drove a Taxi
Tower of Babel
Buddha's Delight
5. When Cora asked Alex to write a song for him, she gave him:
The chord progression
The name of the song
The opening line
The last line
6. When not writing lyrics or tending to plants, Sophie works in a:
Weight-loss salon
Lawyer's office
Travel agency
Car wash
7. Alex proposes a line he states would be difficult to make into a song, and Sophie turns the line into lyrics. Alex in turn then makes a song out of it. What was the name of the song?
Romance Plane Crash
Love Autopsy
Pit Bull Attack of the Heart
Puppy Love Suicide
8. As they work on the song, Sophie insists that what change is made to Alex's apartment?
How his furniture is arranged
That he close all his windows
That he gets rid of all his plants
That he kennel his pets
9. As Sophie and Alex work on the song, they test out the music and lyrics on:
Cab drivers
A 911 operator
The concierge in his apartment building
His manager
10. Sophie and Alex present their song to Cora as she is about to:
Give a press conference
Go bungee jumping from a hot-air balloon
Take off in a helicopter
Begin a concert
11. Sophie's nemesis in the movie is Sloan Cates (Campbell Scott), who is:
Her father
Her former professor
Her former song-writing partner
Her former boss
12. The character in Sloan's novel based on Sophie is named:
Christy Weathers
Sally Michaels
Ginger Whiskey
Julie Jenson
13. The morning after Sophie and Alex sleep together, they both:
Bang their head on the bottom of the piano as they wake up
Run into the shower at the same time
Get locked out of his apartment without any clothes on
Call their mother
14. Alex takes Sophie to one of his performances at which amusement park?
Knott's Berry Farm
Six Flag
Disney World
15. When Sophie and Alex hear Cora's version of Way Back Into Love, she has reworked the song into which genre of music (with a beat "steamy and sticky")?
16. Neither Sophie nor Alex like Cora's reworked version of the song.
Both of them tell Cora they don't like it
Sophie tells Cora she doesn't like it, Alex is unwilling to
Alex tells Cora he doesn't like it, Sophie is unwilling to
Both are unwilling to tell Cora they don't like it
17. In terms of music, video style and post-breakup fortunes of the members, Alex's band most closely resembles which 80s act?
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Big Country
Culture Club
18. As the tension between Sophie and Alex reaches its apex, she announces that she is leaving to move to:
19. Who does not attend Cora's concert at the end of the film?
Sophie's sister
Alex's manager
Sloan Cates
20. At Cora's concert, Alex and Sophie kiss:
In the audience
Both onstage and backstage
21. Colin, the more successful of the Pop! members, was played by actor Scott Porter, who is a veteran of which TV series?
The Unit
Six Feet Under
CSI: Miami
Friday Night Lights
22. The Pop-Up Video-style bubbles that accompany the video that plays during the final credits state that Alex was the only member of his band to:
Sleep with his songwriter
Not be sued by the band A Flock of Seagulls
Live past the age of 30
Not need hip replacement surgery

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