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Old School quiz

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1. In the film's opening, what event leads to Mitch (Luke Wilson) finding his wife having an menage a trois?
He comes down sick at work
He is fired from his job
He decides to leave the seminar he is attending early
He takes the afternoon off to surprise her for her birthday
2. When Mitch moves into the house near campus, Frank (Will Ferrell) presents him with a bread machine. What is odd about this?
Mitch is allergic to bread
Mitch is a professional baker
It's the exact bread machine Mitch had given Frank
It's a child's toy
3. What is the keyword that Beanie (Vince Vaughn) uses to signal his son that he's about to swear?
4. Beanie does quite well for himself financially. What is the name of the audio/video chain that he owns?
Speaker City
Sonic Sound
Tempo Techtronics
Stereo Stallions
5. Which of the following was not true of the first big party thrown at the house?
Beanie got Eminem to perform
Mitch ended up fooling around with his boss's daughter
Frank ended up streaking by himself
It was called Mitch-a-Palooza
6. What was the name of the wild persona Frank adopts when he drinks to excess?
The Tornado
The Franciscan
Frank the Tank
Ferrari Frank
7. Jeremy Piven plays the villain in the movie, Dean Pritchard. Beanie and Mitch knew him years ago as:
The Guppy
8. At the initial gathering of potential fraternity members, Beanie introduced Mitch as:
The Executioner
The Sensei
The Godfather
The Tyrannosaurus
9. Frank, Beanie and Mitch marauded through the town kidnapping potential pledges in a:
Stolen ambulance
Used police car
Black van
Batmobile replica
10. One of the hazing rituals involved a long piece of string tied to the pledge's man-parts. To what was the other end of the string tied?
A bowling ball
An anvil
A sled dog
A cinder block
11. The object of Mitch's affection in the film is Nicole. What future prime-time TV actress played her?
Evangeline Lilly
Ellen Pompeo
Kaley Cuoco
Leah Remini
12. At the birthday party for Beanie's son, Frank shot himself with a tranquilizer gun. The gun was in the pen for what kind of animal at the party?
An elephant
A pony
An alligator
An ostrich
13. In an attempt to get the fraternity shut down, Dean Pritchard threatened to extort the Student Council president. To what school was the student going to attend?
Columbia Law School
Northwestern School of Journalism
Colorado School of Mines
Harvard MBA
14. Frank's boy Blue met his untimely end as he was about to wrestle two comely co-eds in a pool filled with what substance?
KY Jelly
Whipped cream
15. At Blue's birthday party, which character unexpectedly turns down a romantic proposition from a young woman?
Both Mitch and Frank
16. At Blue's funeral, Frank learns:
His wife is pregnant
His wife wants a divorce
The fraternity was shut down during the funeral
He is being expelled from the fraternity
17. In Pritchard's video tape message announcing the fraternity has been shut down, he also states:
The members of the fraternity who were students were also expelled
All members of the fraternity will face criminal charges
The house will be burned to the ground
Two members of the fraternity will be deported
18. Mitch and Nicole's scuzzy boyfriend Mark trade accusations that the other made lecherous advances towards a woman of what profession?
Dress maker
Exotic dancer
19. Which of the following was not a criteria the fraternity had to meet to be readmitted?
Community Service
Mastery of Ethical Quandaries
School Spirit
20. Which ringer did Pritchard bring in for the debate competition?
Al Gore
Rush Limbaugh
Stephen Hawking
James Carville
21. During the School Spirit display, Frank caught fire when he attempted to jump through a ring of fire dressed as a:
Praying mantis
22. The Athletics section centered around what sport?
Field hockey
23. Even though the fraternity passed certification criteria, Pritchard still denied their reinstatement because:
It was a Tuesday, and he can do whatever the hell he damn well pleases on Tuesday
Blue was still on their roster and dragged the average down
He suspected the members were on drugs
The fraternity was not ethnically diverse enough
24. Footage that plays as the closing credits role shows that Pritchard and Mark die:
By falling off a tall building
In a fiery explosion
In a stampede of college students
In prison
25. What was the name of the university at which the film was set?
Polk State

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