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How Well Do You Know: Toy Story 2
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Toy Story 2 quiz

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1. Which short was attached to Toy Story 2?
Luxo Jr.
Tin Toy
Geri's Game
No short was attached
2. The opening scenes of a movie appear to depict a battle between Buzz and the evil Emperor Zurg. In fact, the action just takes place in a video game. Under the supervision of the real Buzz, who is playing the game?
Rex the dinosaur
Potato Head
One of the plastic army men
3. What is the name of Al's establishment?
Al's Toy Chest
Al's Toy Depot
Al's Toy Barn
Al's Toy Emporium
4. At the beginning of the film, the toys are making preparation for Andy to leave for what type of camp?
Craft camp
Summer camp
Cowboy camp
Basketball camp
5. Andy was all set to take Woody to camp, but Woody didn't make the trip. Why?
In the excitement about leaving, Andy forgot Woody
Buzz had accidentally locked Woody in the closet
Bo Peep accidentally knocked Woody out of the window
Woody's arm tore before he was supposed to leave with Andy
6. Woody is stolen from the yard stale by Al. How did Woody end up at the yard sale in the first place?
Andy's mother thought it was time for Andy to get rid of Woody
Buzz knocked Woody out of the window into a box of toys being carried to the yard sale
He was stranded during an attempt to resuce one of the other toys from the sale
Woody asked his mother to sell Andy at the yard sale
7. What type of costume did Al wear for his commercials?
A chicken suit
A cowboy outfit
An astronaut costume
A dinosaur suit
8. What is the name of the toy horse in the film?
Buckin' Bucky
9. What was the name of the show that Woody, Jessie and Stinky Pete appeared on?
The Saturday Morning Wild West Jamboree
The Woody and Jessie Show
Woody's Wild West Wevue
Woody's Roundup
10. While Woody meets the other cowboy toys, Buzz sets out to find his friend. Who is not a member of Buzz's contingent?
Potato Head
Slinky Dog
Bo Peep
Hamm the Piggy Bank
11. Al's plan was to sell Woody, Jessie and Stinky Pete to a:
Collector in Cleveland
Museum in Japan
Rich child in Beverly Hills
Shelter for needy kids in Detroit
12. Under what do Buzz and the other toys disguise themselves as they try to cross the busy street to get to Al's store?
Pop cans
Traffic cones
Sheets of newspaper
Pieces of fruit
13. "The Cleaner" who comes to repair Woody's arm looks an awwwwwful lot like which other character from a Pixar work?
Geri from Geri's Game
Bob Parr from The Incredibles
Anton Ego from Ratatouille
The hapless sleeping human from Lifted
14. Buzz encounters a new version of the Space Ranger toy at Al's store. What new feature does Buzz covet for himself?
Utility belt
Anti-gravity boots
Thermal grenade launcher
15. How is the Zurg action figure set free from his packaging?
Buzz accidentally knocks the box open
The automatic door at Al's store opens the box
The car the toys drive knock over the box
Mad that the others have left behind him, Potato Head opens the box
16. Which Buzz(es) led the other toys into Al's apartment building?
The original Buzz
The toy store Buzz
Both of the Buzzes
Neither of the Buzzes - they were both back at the store fighting Zurg
17. Why does Woody not want to go back with Buzz and the other toys to Andy's?
He has fallen in love with Jessie
He is mad at Andy for leaving him behind from camp
He doesn't want to abandon his other Roundup Gang friends
He is resentful towards Buzz for always hogging the attention
18. Woody comes to his senses and realizes that he has to return to Andy. Who thwarts his plans to rejoin the other toys?
Stinky Pete
Toy store Buzz
19. What source of wisdom does Rex consult to figure out how to defeat Zurg?
A Star Command cartoon playing in Al's apartment
A video game manual
Recordings Buzz says when one of his buttons is pushed
Zurg's display box
20. Which two elements from the original Toy Story are key in the toy's pursuit of Woody to the airport?
The claw machine and Sid's dog
Sid's fireworks rocket and Andy's radio-contolled car
The Pizza Planet delivery truck and the squeeze toy aliens
The erector-set spider and the moving van
21. When we last see Zurg, he is:
Falling to his doom in an elevator shaft
Being stuffed back into his display box at the toy store
Running for an open Ohio state senate seat as a moderate Republican
Playing with toy store Buzz, who is his son
22. When we last see Stinky Pete, he is:
Falling to his doom in an elevator shaft
On display in a museum in Japan
Being carried in a young girl's backpack
Floating down a river on a raft
23. At the end of the film, Wheezy the penguin reprises "You've Got a Friend in Me" from the original Toy Story. What famous name supplies Wheezy's singing voice?
Robert Goulet
Michael Bolton
Rick Astley
Elton John
24. What was the name of the girl who owned Jessie?
25. Written by Randy Newman and thematically significant to the film, which song from Toy Story 2 was nominated for a Best Song Oscar?
A Toy Is Forever Beloved
Handle with Care
When She Loved Me
Jessie's Girl

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