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How Well Do You Know: Friday the 13th
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Friday the 13th Quiz

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cool quiz
Dirtyboydonnell 10/30/11 6:18 am


1. As we open on Camp Crystal Lake, 1958, we are serenaded by the sounds of a popular folk song. What are the lyrics sung over the campfire?
"The River of Jordan is deep and wide. Hallelujah... milk and honey on the other side" (Michael, Row the Boat Ashore)
"Yankee Doodle went to town, a-riding on a pony" (Yankee Doodle)
"Oh, give me the park where the prairie dogs bark" (Home on the Range)
"Mony a heart will break in twa, should he ne'er come back again" (Will Ye No Come Back Again?)
2. The movie's pre-credit sequence includes, as it should, a murder. Who are the series' first two on-screen victims?
Camp counselors who sneaked away for some hanky-panky
Teenagers whose car broke down right outside Camp Crystal Lake
Policemen alerted to trouble at the camp by an unidentified caller
A brother and sister lost in the woods
3. It doesn't take the hitchhiking Annie (Robbi Morgan) very long to meet the town nut. What name is he memorably known by?
Wolfman Jack
Crazy Ralph
Screaming Mad George
Nutso Ned
4. Crazy Ralph has, in fact, a rather pessimistic outlook on life. What prediction does he offer Annie?
"You're going to camp blood... you'll never come back again!"
"They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs!"
"He's still on the loose. You don't know what death is!"
"Death has come to your little town. You must be ready for him...If you don't, it's your funeral!"
5. Annie hitchhikes twice to get from town to Crystal Lake. The second ride was a killer, but who helpfully provides the first?
Enos, a truck driver
Bill, a snake oil salesman
Jeannine, a waitress
Jeffers, a disgruntled postman
6. Annie states that she hates when this word is used to refer to children, because it "sounds like little goats" (earlier, however, she used it herself). What is the offending noun?
Young 'uns
7. Like a lot of actors who later became stars, this subsequent A-lister had one of his first roles in a horror film, namely this one. Who is the actor who surely wiped "Friday the 13th" right off their resume only a few years later?
Johnny Depp
Kevin Bacon
Rob Lowe
Eddie Murphy
8. During an examination of the cabins, one of the counselors finds an unfriendly creature residing there. What animal, mineral, or vegetable is this?
9. As the day progresses, the counselors are visited by the obviously clueless Officer Dorf. Which of the following drugs does Dorf not reference in his tirade?
Colombian gold
The Magic Dragon
10. As the rain escalates outside, the counselors settle down for a "strip" version of a popular game. What is it?
11. During the game of strip Monopoly, Brenda states that someone has had "the worst run of bad luck since"... Who is the unlucky politician whose name completes the sentence?
Budd Dwyer
Richard Nixon
Spiro Agnew
Jimmy Carter
12. One of the more notorious deaths in the film involves a character being impaled through the neck by a weapon coming from beneath the bed they are lying on (this is physically possible; we've tried it). Who is the camp counselor who meets their end this way?
Alice (Adrienne King)
Ned (Mark Nelson)
Bill (Harry Crosby)
Jack (Kevin Bacon)
13. As Marcie (Jeannine Taylor) visits the camp's restroom, what old-school bathroom graffiti does she find scrawled there (and subsequently reads out loud)?
"Rusty Bed-Springs" by I. P. Nightly
"Sliding Down the Flag Pole" by Dick Burns
"Forty Yards to the Outhouse" by Willie Makit
"Bulimia for Beginners" by Chuck M. Up
14. Marcie, restroom enthusiast that she is, never quite leaves the place. What fate befalls her?
She is axed in the face
She is struck by an arrow that was shot through the window
It is not seen, but Alice later finds her body there
She simply disappears and it is assumed that she was killed
15. The counselors are left to their own defenses at the camp, while the owner, Steve Christy, is out and about on the town. Where do we see him before he starts his drive back?
A strip club
A diner
At the movies, having just watched "Halloween"
A posh 4-star restaurant
16. Sgt. Tierney, who gives Mr. Christy a ride, doesn't like full moons. What is the reason he cites for this?
"All kinds a' freaks and geeks come out to play"
"That Jason boy died on a full moon"
"It upsets people, makes 'em nuts"
"Too many damn werewolves runnin' around"
17. Mr. Christy never does make it back to camp. What are the rather clueless last words he offers his attacker?
"Hey, aren't you that nutcase who lives next door?"
"Nice to see a friendly face in the rain. Is that a machete?"
"Nice day, isn't it? Shame about the weather."
"Well, hi. What are you doing out in this mess?"
18. Let's get this one out of the way. Who is the killer responsible for all the murder, mayhem, and mean behavior at Camp Crystal Lake on this go-around?
Crazy Ralph
Jason's mother
The butler
19. Upon her arrival, Mrs. Voorhees introduces herself to Alice. As what?
"An old friend of the Christys"
"A concerned neighbor"
"A mother of one of the campers"
"Just a person who protects children and other living things"
20. Mrs. Voorhees rants and rants, memorably describing the cause of her anger as this:
"Those teenagers, they killed my boy; with their fornication, their music, their lust they killed him!"
"My motive is just good, old-fashioned revenge. You killed my son! And now I kill you, and I can't think of anything more rational!"
"All those kids, they never listened to me. I begged them and begged, for hours and days I begged, but they just wouldn't get off my lawn!"
"The counselors weren't paying any attention... They were making love while that young boy drowned!"
21. After running and scuffling aplenty, Mrs. Voorhees and Alice have their final confrontation. How does Alice finish off her demented foe?
She rams a turned-on chainsaw directly into Mrs. Voorhees' stomach
She shoots her repeatedly, with her last shot striking Mrs. Voorhees' head
She uses a machete to decapitate Mrs. Voorhees
She holds Mrs. Voorhees' head underwater until she drowns
22. Alice is lying in the boat out on the lake, having slain her tormentress. What happens next, right after the cops begin arriving on the shore?
Jason jumps out of the lake and pulls Alice down
Jason's mother, inexplicably alive again, runs out from behind the trees and attacks the police
As the police row Alice in, we see that they all look like Jason's mother
Alice looks up and says "I can hear you now, Jason. Don't worry, I won't let any of them get away."
23. At her hospital bedside, Alice is informed by the police that none of them saw Jason attack her. Her reaction?
"I must have imagined it all"
"Oh no. The lake must be... haunted"
"Then he's still there"
"But you've gotta believe me! Please! Somebody believe me! I'm not insane!"
24. The famous Friday the 13th score, by Harry Manfredini, is often noted for its similarity to this classic horror film's theme music:
Rosemary's Baby
Night of the Living Dead
25. One interesting thing about the character of Mrs. Voorhees is that her first name is not mentioned until Friday the 13th: the Final Chapter. But you should know it. What is that name?

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