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How Well Do You Know: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
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South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut Quiz

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This should be a score of 22.. it was a score of 22. I don't know what happened. Gonna retake.
Deathwaffle 9/6/15 11:38 pm


1. The movie opens with a musical number. Who performs most of this song ("Mountain Town")?
Mr. Hat
2. It is stated by a news anchor in the film, set in 1999, that Saddam Hussein has been killed. What was the method of his passing?
A piano fell on him
He was eaten by wild boars
He had a fatal case of syphilis
He was sentenced to death and executed
3. The Terrance and Phillip movie has just opened in South Park. What is it called?
Asses of Fire
Fart with the Wind
Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Freddy Got Fingered
4. Wendy's new boyfriend states that he is a veteran of a posh portmanteau school. What is its name?
5. What does Stan do, inadvertently, any time he is too close to Wendy?
Run away
Punch her in the face
Vomit, often on her
Sweats uncontrollably
6. After Kenny combusts, he is operated upon by doctors who make one critical error in judgment, leading to his death. What was their mistake?
They removed all of his internal organs
They gave him a hair transplant instead of a heart transplant
They replaced his heart with a baked potato
They sawed his head on backwards
7. Speaking of which, what was the reason that Kenny combusted in the first place?
He tried to set his fart on fire
He was placed inside an active microwave for several minutes
He received a fiery electric shock after placing his finger in a socket
A television fell on him
8. Terrance, Phillip, and several other characters in the film are Canadian. Like all Canadians in the South Park universe, they are drawn with a distinct physical feature. What is it?
They have no hair
They all wear a shirt with a letter on it, signifying their name
All their clothing is green
Their eyes are drawn as black dots
9. Terrance and Phillip are on a talk show when they are arrested by the U.S. government. Who is the show's host?
David Letterman
Jay Leno
Jerry Springer
Conan O'Brien
10. Another guest on the O'Brien show happens to be acclaimed actress Brooke Shields. What statement does she offer in sympathy with Terrance and Phillip, one of whom slaps her in return?
"Your movie was almost as good as Endless Love"
"I loved your April 1 special"
"I farted once on the set of Blue Lagoon"
"I think fart jokes are, like, so funny!"
11. We see the Canadian army bomb the residence of a legendary (?) acting dynasty, killing all of its members. Who are these first casualties of the U.S. - Canada War?
The Baldwins (Alec, Daniel, William, Stephen)
The Arquettes (Alexis, David, Patricia, Rosanna)
The Afflecks (Ben, Casey)
The Madsens (Michael, Virginia)
12. The "Blame Canada" song is often cited as a highlight of the film. Which of the following Canadian singers is mentioned in the song's lyrics?
Brian Adams
Anne Murray
Avril Lavigne
Shania Twain
13. Since Kyle's adopted brother, Ike, is Canadian, Kyle hides him to avoid persecution. Where is Ike's hiding place, in which he is seen even after the film's credits?
Kyle's family's basement
A cave in the woods
Kyle's family's attic
A garbage bin in Nebraska
14. As the Devil and Saddam Hussein canoodle in their bedroom, we see a picture of a late '90s teen idol on the wall behind them. Who is the man so honored?
Leonardo DiCaprio
Nick Carter
Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Skeet Ulrich
15. Despite Chef's protestations, the Army General dismisses this famous executive order(s), stating "I don't listen to hip-hop". What is its name?
Northern Touch
The Emancipation Proclamation
The Ill Testament
Late Registration
16. The General executes a famous computer mogul because of the failure of his then-recently released operating system. Who is this unfortunate man?
Bill Gates
Steve Wozniak
Michael Dell
Steve Jobs
17. In the boys' song "What Would Brian Boitano Do?", Boitano is described as having fought and defeated several opponents. Which of the following, however, is he NOT mentioned as having beaten?
Kublai Khan
The Evil Robot King
Professor Chaos
Grizzly bears
18. After the boys sing the "Brian Boitano" song, another Brian appears, having mistaken the name in the song for his own. Who is this man?
Brian Dennehy
Brian Williams
Brian Wilson
Brian Benben
19. "The Mole" is a very disturbed little boy. What does he claim was done to him by his mother?
She dropped him on his head
She stabbed a clothes hanger into his heart
She left him to live in a crocodile cage
She dressed him as a girl
20. Terrance and Phillip are to be executed by electric chair. Who is the masked man assigned to pull the switch?
Mr. Garrison
Mr. Broflovski
Officer Barbrady
John Stamos' brother, Richard Stamos
21. The soldiers' USO show attracts a number of entertainers. Which popular 1990s ingenue actress impresses the audience with her famous ping-pong ball trick?
Christina Ricci
Winona Ryder
Chloe Sevigny
Sarah Michelle Gellar
22. Who sings the song "I'm Super (Thanks for Asking)" at the USO show?
Eric and Kyle
Celine Dion
Big Gay Al
23. Terrance and Phillip are ultimately shot and killed, causing Armageddon. Who pulled the trigger?
The Denver Broncos
Sheila Broflovski
Principal Victoria
Mr. Mackey
24. South Park, like any good '90s animated summer film, includes several musical numbers. Which of the following songs was used in the South Park television series, but was not included in this film?
Kyle's Mom's a Big Fat B*ch
I Can Change
Love Gravy
It's Easy, Mmmkay
25. The South Park film is a rarity, in that it was made relatively early into the run of a television series that has stayed on the air for at least a decade since. When did the first South Park episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", premiere on Comedy Central?
November, 1995
January, 1997
August, 1997
September, 1998

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