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How Well Do You Know: The Wedding Singer
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The Wedding Singer quiz

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1. In what year does The Wedding Singer take place?
2. Robbie's back-up singer, George, feels comfortable singing only one song. What is it?
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Can't Fight This Feeling
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
Sexual Healing
3. George is played by a member of what famous acting family?
4. Why is the banquet cook so accommodating towards Julia's cousin Holly?
She pays him $50/week to be
She let him see 'the girls' at a work Christmas party
They slept together
They used to be engaged
5. Robbie is giving singing lessons to Rosie so she can serenade her husband at their 50th anniversary party. Her song of choice is from what musical?
My Fair Lady
The Music Man
Hello, Dolly!
The Sound of Music
6. How does Rosie pay for her singing lessons?
sexual favors
savings bonds
7. What does Julia's mother suggest she do to get her fiance to marry her?
fake a pregnancy
get him drunk in Vegas and bring him to a wedding chapel
show him her skills in the sack
beg and plead for him to set a date
8. The orchestral version of what song is playing at Robbie and Linda's ill-fated wedding ceremony?
I Just Called To Say I Love You
Don't Stop Believing
Hurts So Good
Endless Love
9. Why did Linda leave Robbie at the altar?
She slept with Julia's fiance Glenn
She 'plays for the other team'
She fell in love with a rival wedding singer
She loved Robbie the rock star, not Robbie the wedding singer
10. Robbie's first singing gig after being left at the altar includes what song?
Love Bites
Love is a Battlefield
Love Stinks
Love Hurts
11. The song Robbie wrote about Linda and performs for Julia was influenced by what group?
The Cure
Prince and the Revolution
12. The photographer Julia is looking to hire mistakes her and Robbie for an engaged couple, saying they'll be together forever like all but whom?
Charles and Diana
Donald and Ivana
Mia and Woody
Burt and Loni
13. Robbie's main ambition is to be a:
rock star
music teacher
14. Robbie's friend Sammy realizes that Robbie is falling for Julia when he discusses:
why Julia and Glenn are not right for each other
when and why she took off her jacket
her sweet ass
how happy she looked when trying on her wedding dress
15. What is the license plate on Sammy's limo?
16. Robbie helps Julia and Holly settle a debate on what?
wedding kisses
Madonna's fashion sense
first dance song choice
wedding night activities
17. Glenn nearly walks in on Robbie and Julia's kiss. He had stopped by to give Julia:
a big screen TV
a CD player
a computer
18. Which answer does Glenn NOT give when asked why he is marrying Julia?
She's been with him for years so she's paid her dues
She was with him before he made his money so she can be trusted
She's 'Grade A, top choice meat'
He doesn't want to break up with her
19. Robbie attempts a change in career, trying to earn some money so he can impress Julia. Why does he think he'd be a good bank employee?
Julia appreciates professionals
He comes from a family of bankers
He's a big fan of money
He's good at math
20. Julia was looking for Robbie so she could give him...
personalized music/lyric sheets
her heart
an invitation to her wedding
a mix tape
21. Rosie follows up 'Til There Was You' at her anniversary party with what song?
You Gotta Fight For Your Right (To Party!)
White Wedding
Rapper's Delight
22. Where does Robbie confront Julia to confess his feelings for her?
an airplane on its way to Las Vegas
The banquet hall after a singing gig
her wedding ceremony
Rosie's anniversary party
23. How does Robbie find out Julia and Glenn are on his plane?
It's the only plane heading to Vegas that day
The stewardess tells him a guy hit on her, using Glenn's favorite pick-up line
Billy Idol comments on Julia, the 'hottie in coach'
Robbie overhears Julia placing her drink order

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