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Sideways quiz

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1. Sideways starts out with a title card stating the day of the week. That day is:
2. At the house of Jack's fiance (Christine), Miles is asked to pick his favorite of two sample desserts ("if pressed"). He chooses:
The white cake
The dark cake
The apple pie
The chocolate mousse
3. A small "speciality press" is considering publishing Miles' book. What is this publisher's name?
4. As Miles and Jack are driving, Jack praises the new draft of Miles' book. Evidently not having even read it, which part does he claim is "vastly superior" to the old one?
The opening
The rising action
The character development
The ending
5. Jack and Miles pay a visit to Miles' mother. What reason does Miles cite for this to Jack?
Miles wants to ask his mother to come with them on their trip
Miles has to borrow some money from his mother
Miles' mother's birthday is the next day
Miles hasn't seen his mother since 1997
6. It is stated or implied several times during the film that Miles and Jack first met at this place:
At college
A wine tasting
A movie set
An acting class
7. Miles and Jack stay at a motel during most of their wine tasting tour. This motel's name is:
The Unfriendly Possum
The Sly Fox
The Hitching Post
The Windmill
8. At their first visit to the Hitching Post, Jack mentions how he met Christine. The location of this meeting was:
The restaurant where Christine worked
A singles bar
Miles' wedding party
A wine tasting
9. During this same dinner, Miles tells Jack about Maya (Virginia Madsen). What is Maya's ex-husband's occupation?
University professor
Winery owner
10. During their first day touring wine country, Jack upsets Miles with this unfortunate revelation, previously unknown to Miles:
Miles' ex-wife is pregnant
Miles' ex-wife is coming to Jack's wedding
Miles' ex-wife has re-married
Miles' ex-wife and Jack had an affair
11. Jack and Miles go to dinner with Maya and Stephanie (Sandra Oh). What does Miles threaten to do if anyone orders Merlot?
Drink it all
Leave the restaurant
Call the police
Reveal to the women that Jack is getting married on Saturday
12. After Stephanie invites Jack and Miles to her home for dessert, Jack notably utters a sound that can roughly be transcribed as:
13. Miles and Maya discuss Miles' book. Miles states that the title is:
The Day After Yesterday
Tomorrow Never Lies
The Weeks Before My Life
The Day Before Today
14. While describing his book, Miles discloses that it ends like a mystery of the type written by this author:
Arthur Conan Doyle
Alain Robbe-Grillet
Agatha Christie
R. L. Stine
15. During their conversation, Maya declares herself the "Queen of" something to Miles. If we take her at her word, then what is she the queen of?
The world
16. Finally unable to contain himself, Miles calls his agent to find out if his book has been sold to the publisher. The agent has a hyphenated last name, probably in the service of quirkiness. What is the last name?
17. After Miles goes berserk at the wine tasting, Jack helps him leave the room and explains his behavior to the crowd with this lie:
Miles' mother just died
Miles' wife just died
Miles is "a very sick man"
Miles has Tourette's Syndrome
18. Miles attributes the phrase "a smudge of excrement on a tissue surging out to sea" as having been written by a famous American writer. Who is it?
Norman Mailer
Gore Vidal
Dan Quayle
Charles Bukowski
19. While the waitress, Cammi, is flirting with Jack, Miles asks where the bathroom is. He is told that it is located right by this large stuffed animal:
Giant python
20. When Jack tells Miles about fleeing from waitress Cammi's angry husband, he recollects that he had to take a short cut through a farm. What type of animal inhabited this location? (as Jack says, "those suckers are mean!")
21. As the waitress and her husband make love on their bed, we spot a television set behind them that broadcasts two notable political figures standing side-by-side. Who are they?
George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld
George W. Bush and John Kerry
George H. W. Bush and Wendell Wilkie
George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice
22. Jack and Christine are married in a church during one of the film's last scenes. What is the religious denomination of the ceremony?
Egyptian Coptic Christian
Greek Orthodox
Armenian Orthodox
23. Miles' occupation is noted throughout the film. We finally see him at work near film's end. What does he do?
School teacher
Postal worker
24. The very last shot of the film, before the screen fades to black, is of:
A car going down a highway
A book being slammed shut
An open door about to close
A hand knocking on a door
25. Three of the following four actors or directors received an Academy Award nomination for their work on the film. Which of these four did not?
Alexander Payne
Thomas Haden Church
Paul Giamatti
Virginia Madsen

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