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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons, Season 2
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1. In "Bart Gets an F", what does NOT happen during the chaotic snow day around town?
Skinner and Krabapel play ice hockey
Mr. Burns hits Homer with a snowball
The town gathers around to sing
Martin pulls Milhouse on a sled
2. In "Simpson and Delilah", how would Homer improve the worker situation at the plant?
More tartar sauce for the fishsticks
Better parking spaces in the parking lot
Go back to separate paid holidays for Washington and Lincoln's birthdays
Fewer plain and more jelly donuts
3. In "The Simpsons Halloween Special", what is the name of the third space alien?
4. In "Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish", what is NOT a violation that the government inspectors find at the power plant?
Gum used to seal a crack in the cooling tower
Plutonium rod used as a paperweight
Monitoring station unmanned
Employee intoxicated on the job
5. In "Dancin' Homer", how much money do two 72-ounce tubs of beer cost at the Springfield Isotopes stadium?
6. In "Dead Putting Society", what name does Homer give to Bart's putter?
7. In "Bart vs. Thanksgiving", what does Bart dream will happen after he enters the door to come home?
Everybody is sitting around crying, and they all rush over to hug him
Nothing. Nobody even realized he was gone.
They are all happy to see him at first, but then demand that he beg for forgiveness.
Balloons and confetti are everywhere, and they all eat dessert.
8. In "Bart the Daredevil", what is the first stunt that Bart attempts on his skateboard?
To jump a ramp over Marge's station wagon
To jump off a diving board and over a swimming pool
To jump over Santa's Little Helper and several other dogs
To fly off the merry-go-round at the school playground
9. In "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge", Homer laments that "out of 20 million women in the world" he had to marry who?
A blue-haired screwball
Ms. Perfect
Jane Fonda
Barbara Bush
10. In "Bart Gets Hit by a Car", the state bar forbids Lionel Hutz from promising a big cash settlement. So what does he promise Homer?
An exquisite faux pearl necklace
A very large check
A new house
A big cash settlement
11. In "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish", when was the last time the family missed pork chop night?
The great pig scare in '87
When they had to take Bart to the hospital that one time
The time Marge thought Spam would be a good idea
Never, not even during the lousy Smarch blizzard
12. In "The Way We Was", what was Springfield High School's prom theme for 1974?
You're So Vain
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Close to You
Stairway to Heaven
13. In "Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment", which one of these is NOT a movie scene that Bart gets excited about?
Where Jaws eats the boat
Where Lethal Weapon gets stuck to the toilet
Where Die Hard jumps through the window
Where Wall Street gets arrested
14. In "Principal Charming", what "con" does Homer find for Karl in his search for a gentleman caller for Selma?
Too attractive
Too nice
Too smart
Too smiley
15. In "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?", what things did the woman at the carnival do for Grampa that Homer's mother would never do?
Rub his bare feet
Walk around his apartment in her birthday suit
Have sex for money
Refill his empty beers
16. In "Bart's Dog Gets an F", what was the phrase that Marge had sewn on her patch on the quilt, long ago?
Make Love, Not War
Have a Nice Day
Keep on Truckin'
Disco Sucks
17. In "Old Money", which of these supporting characters does NOT come to Grampa to request money?
Professor Frink, to fund development of a powerful death ray
Captain McAllister, to pay for his Russian bride
Moe, to go on a treasure hunt
Otto, to customize his school bus
18. In "Brush With Greatness", how many pounds does Homer weigh in at before he begins dieting and working out?
19. In "Lisa's Substitute", what is the subject of the home videotape that Bart shows to his class?
How to eat fried worms
Where to go to find dead bodies
Why touching dead squirrels is a bad idea
How kittens are born
20. In "The War of the Simpsons", who are the first people to arrive at the Simpsons' party?
Patty and Selma
Ned and Maude Flanders
Dr. Hibbert and his wife
Moe and Barney Gumble
21. In "Three Men and a Comic Book", at the comic book convention, Martin shows up at the lost and found looking for what?
A utility belt
A left Vulcan ear
A lightsaber
A couple of tricorders
22. In "Blood Feud", when Homer is frantically looking for the letter to Mr. Burns, where does Marge doubt that it is?
The refrigerator
Under the sink
The cornstarch canister
The cereal box

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