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How Well Do You Know: How I Met Your Mother, Season Three: Part II
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How I Met Your Mother Season 3 quiz

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1. "The Platinum Rule": At the top of the episode, Ted said he will attempt to remove a tattoo on his lower back. What is it of?
A hand
A heart
His face
A butterfly
2. "The Platinum Rule": What's the Platinum Rule? Never, ever, ever, ever _____.
Love thyself
Love thy neighbor
Love thy co-worker
Love thy friend
3. "No Tomorrow": What's wrong with Marshall and Lily's new apartment?
It's got rats
It doesn't have a roof
It's crooked
The previous tenant died there
4. "No Tomorrow": Ted and the future mother of his kids go to the same party -- they just don't know it. What's the holiday?
St. Patrick's Day
Labor Day
Memorial Day
Valentine's Day
5. "Ten Sessions": What famous pop singer guest stars as Stella's receptionist?
Christina Aguilera
Britney Spears
6. "Ten Sessions": Ted's first date with Stella occurs over her short lunch break. How long is it?
One minute
Two minutes
Three minutes
Five minutes
7. "The Bracket": Where do the boys get their big, green chalkboard?
Ted's office
Lily's classroom
Robin's news station
8. "The Bracket": Information about all the women Barney has ever slept with can be found here.
On a legal pad
Etched on his bedroom wall
In a scrapbook
In a computer file
9. "The Chain of Screaming": Ted buys a new car, and the gang proceeds to eat and smoke in it. What does Robin bring with her?
A hamburger
A cookie
A cigar
An ice cream cone
10. "The Chain of Screaming": Marshall does his part in the chain of screaming by yelling about his _____ at a diner with Barney.
Orange juice
11. "Sandcastles In The Sand": Who's mocking Grease? "Tell me more, tell me more, like, did he have a car?"
12. "Sandcastles In The Sand": What's the episode title refer to?
A movie
A song
A play
A poem
13. "The Goat": Where can you find the original Bro Code?
On the Liberty Bell
Inscribed on the White House
In Ben Franklin's shoes
On the back of the Constitution
14. "The Goat": Who tells Ted that Robin slept with Barney?
15. "Rebound Bro": We learn Stella hasn't had sex in _____ years.
16. "Rebound Bro": Barney's new buddy from work (guest star Will Forte) gets a bloody nose whenever he _____.
Gets drunk
Gets high
Has an erection
Has sex
17. "Everything Must Go": In need of some cash, Lily sells a painting of hers, but is offended when she learns that the buyer only bought her painting because _____.
Of its colors
Of its frame
He thought it was painted by someone else
He felt bad for Lily
18. "Everything Must Go": It's revealed that the woman secretly sabotaging Barney's attempts to pick up women is _____.
19. "Miracles": Who's the biggest believer in miracles in this episode?
20. "Miracles": On his way to visit Ted in the hospital, Barney gets hit by _____.
A motorcycle
A car
A bus
A bike

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