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How Well Do You Know: The Terminator
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The Terminator Quiz

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1. The film begins with an on-screen caption, the first line of which is:
No one remembers how the war started
From one possible future comes the greatest threat to mankind. He is here....tonight
The machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire
Elementary chaos theory tells us that all robots will eventually turn against their masters and run amok in an orgy of blood and the kicking and the biting with the metal teeth and the hurting and shoving
2. The main action of the film is set in the same year as the film's release, which was:
3. Upon his arrival, the Terminator comes across a group of punks and demands their clothes. Relatively unknown at the time, which actor played one of the punks?
Bill Paxton
Jude Law
Steven Seagal
Russell Crowe
4. Reese looks through a phone book to find Sarah. How many Sarah Connors are there listed?
Only one
5. What does Sarah do for a living?
She's a librarian
She's a school teacher
She's a waitress
She's a flight attendant
6. Who is the first person the Terminator shoots in the movie?
One of the Sarah Connors
A policeman
A mall security guard
The gun store clerk
7. Sarah wasn't home when the Terminator came a-calling. Unfortunately, Sarah's roommate was. What was the roommate's name?
8. After killing her roommate, how did the Terminator find Sarah?
The Terminator overheard a police radio broadcast stating Sarah's location
The Terminator found a note on which Sarah had written her location
The Terminator heard Sarah give her location on an answering machine
The Terminator followed Kyle Reese
9. The Terminator found Sarah at:
A club
The police station
A movie theater
A carnival
10. Who in the film said "Come with me if you want to live?" to Sarah?
Kyle Reese
The Terminator
Lt. Traxler (Paul Winfield)
Both Reese and the Terminator
11. Beginning his pursuit of Reese and Sarah, what ability does the Terminator exhibit?
The ability to change physical form
The ability to remotely control mechanized vehicles
The ability to mimic voices
12. What was the model number of the Terminator?
13. Chasing Sarah and Reese through the streets of Los Angeles, the Terminator drives a:
Police car
Armored car
14. What is the name of the criminal psychologist that appears in the film?
Dr. Silberman
Dr. White
Dr. McKenzie
Dr. Patrick
15. While Kyle and Sarah are at the police department, the Terminator performs a bit of surgery on himself. What two body parts does he cut into with a razor?
His back and hip
His eye and leg
His hip and throat
His eye and arm
16. In order for Reese to get back to his present, he had to:
Kill the Terminator
Ensure John Connor was born
Kill the Terminator and ensure John Connor was born
Getting back to his present was not an option
17. What was not true of the Terminator's raid on the police station?
The Terminator gained access by driving a car into the lobby
The Terminator was able to cut the power to the station
The Terminator killed all of the policemen plus Dr. Silberman
The Terminator was unable to locate Sarah until she escaped with Reese
18. What did the people in Reese's present use to detect Terminators?
Geiger counters
Ultraviolet light
Metal detectors
19. What memento of Sarah did Reese have in his present?
A lock of her hair
A bracelet
A photograph
Her driver's license
20. A janitor knocked on the door of the room where the Terminator crashed. The Terminator scanned multiple responses before answering with:
Go away
F*** you, a$$hole
Hasta la vista, baby
I'll be back
21. When Sarah asked Kyle to describe the women in his time, he responded:
They're the only reason to go on living
Our purpose is to protect them
Good fighters
The gateway to the future
22. Where did Reese and Sarah get it on?
Under a bridge
In a motel room
In the back of a pickup
In her mother's cabin
23. After they escaped from the police station, the Terminator was able to find Reese and Sarah because, well, Sarah told the Terminator where they were. Who did Sarah think she was talking to when she was actually talking to the Terminator?
Her sister
Her mother
A policeman
Her roommate
24. After he was knocked off his motorcycle chasing Reese and Sarah, the Terminator was run over by what type of vehicle?
The truck that Reese and Sarah drove
A semi
A fire truck
An ambulance
25. What happened to the Terminator's living tissue at the end of the film?
It burned off
It was frozen
It was torn off
Nothing, it was still in tact at the end of the film
26. The machines that tracked and destroyed humans in the future went by which two initials, according to Reese:
27. The terminator's glowing eyes were this color:
28. Reese died:
When the Terminator impaled him with a metal pole
In an explosion
When the Terminator shot him
By falling into the machinery at the factory
29. Sarah was able to terminate the Terminator by:
Crushing it
Blowing it up
Throwing it into a furnace
Magnetizing its CPU
30. At the conclusion of the film, Sarah is traveling in a country that is most likely:
The US

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