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How Well Do You Know: The Matrix Reloaded
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1. Which of the main characters appears on-screen first?
2. At the beginning of the film, a brief meeting takes place between Morpheus, Niobe and the other captains. What was the chief concern voiced at the meeting?
Sentinels were digging toward Zion
Neo could not be located
The Oracle was presumed dead
They thought the agents had planted spies among the captains
3. Early in the film, Neo is plagued by dreams of what?
The Nebuchadnezzar exploding
Trinity being killed
Agent Smith killing Morpheus
Meeting The Architect
4. What was the name of the fleet commander?
5. What happened after Morpheus finished addressing his speech to the assembled crowd in Zion?
All lights were extinguished
The commander relieved Morpheus of duty
The crowd started dancing
All of the above
6. What is Agent Smith's big breakthrough in the beginning of the film?
He figures out how to clone himself
He figures out how to kill Neo
He learns to fly like Neo
He learns how to track the Nebuchadnezzar
7. Before Neo can see the Oracle, he has to fight someone with what name?
The Gatekeeper
8. The Oracle identifies what as the place where the path of the One ends?
The Architect
The machine mainframe
The city beyond Zion
The surface
9. Neo battles Agent Smith and his clones after meeting with the Oracle. Which is not true about the battle?
Neo escapes by flying
At one time, there were more than 20 clones
Neo fights the clones with a metal pole
Trinity helps him
10. "There is only one constant. One universal. It is the only real truth. Causality. Action, reaction. Cause and effect." Which character in the film says this?
The Oracle
The Merovingian
The Architect
The Keymaker
11. The Merovingian sends a dessert to a woman in the restaurant. It is suggested that what happens when she eats it?
She dies
She goes blind
She orgasms
She is struck dumb
12. In exchange for delivering The Keymaker, what does Persephone demand from Neo?
That he kiss her
That he free her from the Matrix
That he kill the Merovingian
That he take her to Zion
13. What is true of the Twins?
They were not played by human actors, but were entirely CGI created
They were played by the same single actor
One of the Twins was played by a woman
The actors that played them were twin brothers in real life
14. What type of vehicle does not figure into the long highway chase scene?
Police car
Semi truck
15. During the attempt to get to the Source, Neo asks Trinity to stay out of the Matrix. Why did she go in?
The crew that was supposed to knock out the emergency power was killed
A sentinel attacked the Nebuchadnezzar
The Oracle told her to
Morpheus ordered her to
16. What was the fate of The Keymaker?
He died during the freeway chase
He returned to Zion
He was cloned by Agent Smith
He was shot by the Agent Smiths
17. During his conversation with Neo, The Architect uses each of the below somewhat stilted-sounding words except for which one?
18. The Architect states that Neo is what version of the One?
19. How many doors led out of the room in which Neo met The Architect?
20. How is the Nebuchadnezzar destroyed?
It collides with another ship
It is bombed by a sentinel
Morpheus initiates a self-destruct mechanism
Agent Smith shoots it down
21. What was The Hammer?
A code-word to access the Source
A nickname for The Keymaker
Niobe's ship
The original working title for the film
22. An actor appearing in the film, as of 2005, appeared in what prime-time TV show?
My Name is Earl
Grey's Anatomy
Ghost Whisperer
23. At the end of the film, Neo tries to convince Morpheus that what was a lie?
The Prophecy
The Keymaker's last words
A promise Niobe made to Morpheus
A promise Trinity made to Morpheus
24. Which of the following was true of the highway chase scene?
It took place on a highway constructed specifically for the film
It was filmed at LAX airport
It cost $150 million to film
It was shot in one day
25. It was suggested that what character died between the ending of The Matrix and the beginning of The Matrix Reloaded?
The Oracle
Trinity's mother

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