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How Well Do You Know: Black Hawk Down
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Black Hawk Down Quiz

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1. The title, Black Hawk Down, takes its name from what?
"Operation Black Hawk," the name the U.S. Army used for the overall mission.
Clifton "Black Hawk" Wolcott, a helicopter pilot shot down during the operation and the focus of the operation's rescue efforts.
The Sikorskey UH-60 Black Hawk, the U.S. Army's tactical transport helicopter.
The U.S.S. Black Hawk, a Naval destroyer that terrorists bombed, which initiated a military operation to hunt down those terrorists.
2. The events portrayed in Black Hawk Down take place in and near which coastal city?
Mogadishu, Somalia
Tripoli, Libya
Asmara, Eritrea
Sarajevo, Bosnia
3. Who directed Black Hawk Down?
Jerry Bruckheimer
Ridley Scott
Peter Jackson
J.J. Abrams
4. Near the beginning of the story, a group of soldiers is sitting at their base watching a Steve Martin comedy on a TV. What movie are they watching?
The Jerk
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
L.A. Story
5. All of the following groups played a significant role in the military operation featured in Black Hawk Down except for which of the following?
Delta Force
The Tenth Mountain Division
Army Rangers
The 82nd Airborne Division
6. Which of these actors does not appear in the film?
William Fichtner (who starred in Prison Break)
Eric Bana (who starred in Munich)
Jeremy Piven (who starred in Entourage)
David Strathairn (who starred in Good Night, and Good Luck)
7. In one scene of the movie, soldiers shoot an animal from a helicopter and take it back to their base for a barbeque. What type of animal did they shoot?
A baby elephant.
Some type of wild boar.
An ox.
A crocodile.
8. How much money did the film make in terms of total domestic (U.S.) box office?
A little less than $50 million
Slightly more than $100 million
Just shy of $200 million
Just over $250 million
9. The story told in Black Hawk Down centers around a military operation that originally had the goal of:
Rescuing a group of soldiers captured by guerilla insurgents.
Protecting a U.N. convoy attempting to deliver food to a starving population.
Hunting down a group of terrorists that had attacked a U.S. embassy and Naval vessel.
Capturing top lieutenants of a notorious warlord who continually disrupted humanitarian missions.
10. When did this military operation take place?
November 2000
October 1993
December 1989
October 1983
11. The U.S. Commander-in-Chief at the time of the military operation featured in the film actually occurred was:
General Colin Powell
Defense Secretary Warren Rumsfeld
President George H. W. Bush
President Bill Clinton
12. Which Oscar awards did Black Hawk Down win?
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Film Editing
Best Film Editing and Best Sound Mixing
Best Original Score
13. Josh Hartnett starred in the film, playing the character of __________________________.
Sgt. First Class Norm 'Hoot' Gibson
Major General William Garrison
Specialist John 'Grimesy' Grimes
Staff Sgt. Matt Eversmann
14. Orlando Bloom portrays PFC Todd Blackburn in the film. What was ironic about Orlando Bloom's role?
In the movie (as in real life), Blackburn accidentally falls out of a helicopter and breaks his back. A couple years prior to auditioning for the part, Orlando Bloom broke his back accidentally after he fell from a friend's apartment while climbing a drain pipe.
Michael Sheen was originally asked to play the part of Blackburn, but he turned down the role because he thought Heartlands would be a more successful film. And then his very next role was in the movie Kingdom of Heaven with ... Orlando Bloom.
In real life, PFC Blackburn was assigned to fly on a helicopter named "The Black Pearl." The day before Black Hawk Down was released in theaters, Orlando Bloom started filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.
Major General William Garrison, who commanded Task Force Ranger (the combined military force leading the operation portrayed in Black Hawk Down) had previously served alongside Orlando Bloom's father (a British military commander) during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm
15. Ewan McGregor's character has an intense interest in (bordering on obsession with) something that provides a nice tie-in for the movie's ending. What is this character's interest?
Keeping his boots shined.
Making the perfect cup of coffee.
Mapping constellations that can only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere.
Brewing beer using only locally-available ingredients.
16. The bulk of Black Hawk Down is devoted to a major mission the soldiers undertake within a city. How much time passes from the start of the mission (when forces initially leave their base) to the end of the rescue (when the rescue forces return everyone to safety)?
A couple hours.
About 15 hours.
About two days.
Almost a week.
17. According to the U.S. Army's original plans, military forces were expected to take how long to complete this same mission?
Less than an hour.
A couple hours.
About 15 hours.
About two days.
18. In Black Hawk Down, a few military units are assigned a designation of a "chalk," such as "Chalk One," "Chalk Four," etc. What does the word "chalk" mean in the context of the movie?
A "chalk" is term that Delta Force uses to designate soldiers assigned to mark the perimeter of an operation.
A "chalk" refers to the group of Army Rangers assigned to a particular aircraft.
A mixed group of Army soldiers and civilians from the CIA is called a "chalk."
The term "chalk" refers to the squad or platoon assigned to a particular place in the order of movement for a hopscotch maneuver.
19. In the movie, U.S. Army soldiers fight against enemy forces affiliated with _____________.
Mohamed Farra Aidid
Mohamed Atta
Habis Abdulla al Saoub
Muammar al-Gaddafi
20. Almost all of the characters in the film carry the names of actual soldiers who fought in the military operation portrayed in Black Hawk Down, but the Pentagon asked the movie's producers to change the name of one person as the result of a scandal. Who was that person, and what was the scandal?
SFC Norm 'Hoot' Hooten was named "Norm 'Hoot' Gibson" in the film because the real-life Hooten had written a New York Times editorial condemning the U.S. Army for its many failures during the military operation.
Major General William Garrison was named "William Peterson" in the film because the creators of South Park had named the character of Mister Garrison, the school teacher, after the General.
Lt. Colonel Danny McKnight was named "David McConnell" in the film because the real-life Danny McKnight had a sex-change operation soon after he was honorably discharged from the Army.
Army Ranger John Stebbins was named "John Grimes" in the film because Stebbins was later convicted of molesting his six-year-old daughter while still enlisted.
21. The actual name the U.S. Army gave for the mission portrayed in Black Hawk Down was:
Operation Eastern Star
Operation Dancing Badger
Operation Hidden Valley
Operation Gothic Serpent
22. How many casualties did the Army suffer during this mission (in terms of soldiers killed or injured during combat)?
About 25 casualties.
About 90 casualties.
About 150 casualties.
About 300 casualties.
23. Who composed the soundtrack for Black Hawk Down?
Hans Zimmer
Danny Elfman
Philip Glass
John Williams
24. The soldiers trapped in the city are eventually rescued by military units from a few countries. Which of the following countries did NOT contribute forces to this rescue operation?
The United States
Great Britain
25. Black Hawk Down employs a number of very realistic elements in its production. Which of the following is NOT one of those realistic elements?
Some of the radio chatter in the movie is taken from recordings of radio transmissions made during the actual, real-life battle.
Actors in the film spent a couple weeks going through genuine military training at Fort Benning and Fort Bragg.
The "fast rope" scenes (showing soldiers sliding down ropes suspended from hovering helicopters) were performed by actual members of the Army Rangers.
In order to capture the background for some of the battle scenes, cameramen were sent on helicopters flying over the actual city where the battle occurred.

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