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How Well Do You Know: Die Another Day
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Die Another Day quiz

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Die Another Day opens with Bond infiltrating North Korea, impersonating a South African diamond smuggler. How does he arrive?
on a surfboard
on a hovercraft
on a miniature stealth aircraft
in an Aston Martin
Meanwhile, renegade North Korean Colonel Moon is letting out his aggressions on a punching bag. Who is inside the bag?
a sentry who fell asleep on the job
a government informant
the last man who failed him
his anger management counsellor
A hovercraft chase ends in the death of Colonel Moon and Bond's capture by his father, General Moon. What plot development occurs over the opening credits?
Bond MacGyvers his escape
Bond is tortured with scorpions
Bond is exchanged for a North Korean agent
Bond seduces the female prison guard
Bond is released, exchanged for Moon's henchman Zao and taken to Hong Kong, where he escapes and meets a masseuse named:
Heavenly Domes of Pleasure
Laughing Cascades of Delight
Peaceful Fountains of Desire
Large Mountains of Destiny
Bond tracks Zao to Cuba and contacts a British sleeper agent who runs:
a sugar plantation
a cigar factory
a salsa dancing school
a boxing club
Bond goes to check out the gene therapy clinic where Zao is located. Bond's cover is:
a gene specialist
an oncologist
a thriller writer
an ornithologist
When Bond first sees Jinx, she is wearing an Ursula Andress tribute bikini, in which colour?
Jinx claims to a jinx because she was born on Friday the thirteenth. What is Jinx's real name?
Jacinta Johnson
Juanita Jones
Joaquina Jackson
Cinnamon Buns
Bond arrives back in the UK to the sounds of which song by the Clash:
London Calling (obviously)
Should I Stay or Should I Go
I Fought The Law
Rock the Casbah
Thanks to some suspicious diamonds obtained from Zao, Bond turns his attention to billionaire wunderkind Gustav Graves. Graves arrives at Buckingham Palace for his knighthood using what Bond-like method of transportation?
Aston Martin DB5
Lotus Esprit
world's smallest helicopter
parachute with the Union Jack on it
Madonna is the first Bond theme singer to make an appearance in an actual Bond movie. Appearing in very soft focus, she plays Verity, an instructor in:
Botox application
Hello, art lovers! What painting is slashed when Bond and Graves have at each other with an array of swords?
Turner's The Fighting Temeraire
Gainsborough's Blue Boy
Constable's The Hay Wain
Blake's Ancient of Days
Bond isn't in London long before MI6 notices. Where does M arrange to meet Bond?
the Big Ben clocktower
a confessional booth in Westminster Abbey
a secret room in the National Gallery
an abandoned underground station
Q also has a secret workshop that contains a lot of old relics from previous Bond movies. Pick the odd relic out:
the crocodile submarine, from Octopussy
the remote-controlled snooper 'Rover', from A View To A Kill
the poison-spiked shoe, from Russia With Love
the jet pack, from Thunderball
Q introduces Bond to his new Aston Martin, its most ludicrous feature being:
it can fly
it can become invisible
it can drive underwater
it can talk
Bond has been invited to a party at Graves' ice palace in Iceland. Greeting Bond on arrival is this character:
Mr Kil
Mr Death
Mr Murder
Mr Slay
Graves turns out to be Colonel Moon, who we all thought was dead! A side effect of his gene therapy is:
night terrors
super-sized adrenal glands
permanent insomnia
Zao shows up as well. In addition to an albino appearance from his interrupted gene therapy, he also has
steel hands
gold teeth
a left eye made of silver
diamonds embedded in his face
Bond seduces Graves' cold fish publicist and secret MI6 agent Miranda Frost. The bed they make love in is made of ice and shaped like:
a swan
a butterfly
a sea horse
a unicorn
Which character betrays Bond?
Miranda Frost
General Moon
How does Graves/Moon ultimately meet his demise?
Bond shoots him
he is electrocuted with his own power suit
his head is smashed against a bronze bust modeled on his head
he is sucked into an aircraft engine
How does Jinx explain Miranda's death to Bond?
"My moves were better."
"I think I broke her heart."
"I thought it was the humane thing to do."
"She wanted to get rough. I got rough."
Near the very end of the movie, Q interrupts Moneypenny 'experimenting' with what device?
the invisible car
the sonic agitator
the virtual reality simulator
the crocodile submarine
The final scene features Bond and Jinx using Graves' stash of diamonds in foreplay, which mostly involves:
passing them from one mouth to the other
trickling them down Jinx's back
sticking them in Jinx's belly button
Bond 'hiding' them in his pants
Bonus Question: Die Another Day was the twentieth Bond film, and has references to the nineteen that preceded it. The title of which Bond movie appears as an article in Bond's in-flight magazine?
From Russia With Love
For Your Eyes Only
Diamonds are Forever
The Spy Who Loved Me

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