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How Well Do You Know: The Fast and the Furious
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The Fast and the Furious quiz

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i love this movie franchise.
oklndallen 12/6/09 6:54 am

think the question asking who brian was attached to was a trick. he worked for the police, but was doing an assignment for FBI so he was on attachment to them. good quiz except that.
pb20 1/24/12 11:55 am


1. The cars involved in the robbery were souped-up versions of which common, less-than-intimidating model?
Honda Civic
Volkswagen Beetle
Dodge Lancer
Toyota Tercel
2. The bandit autos robbed what type of moving vehicle?
Freight train
Semi truck
Armored car
3. Of the primary cast, whose face was seen first in the film?
Brian (Paul Walker)
Mia (Jordana Brewster)
Dominic (Vin Diesel)
Letty (Michelle Rodriguez)
4. What color was the spiffy race car that Brian drove at the beginning of the movie?
5. Prior to the first street race in the movie, Brian complained that his car topped out at a less than ideal speed. To bring his car up to true racing speeds, Brian had to add:
New tires
A new battery and electrical system
A new engine
6. The high-end auto parts store that Brian works at is called:
Faster, Faster, Faster
The Checkered Flag
The Racer's Edge
Souped Up
7. Which rap star had a small part in the film as Edwin, and also performed a couple of songs in the film?
Ja Rule
Jay Z
Snoop Dogg
8. Brian wants in on the street race. To be included in the race, he puts up ____________; if he wins, he wants ______________
$2000 / a date with Mia
His left pinky / the cash and a date with Mia
The pink slip to his car / the cash and the respect
His car / Dom's car
9. The first street race ends with the arrival of the cops. A bond between Brian and Dom is forged when:
Dom saves Mia from being arrested
Brian saves Dom from being arrested
Dom saves Brian from being arrested
Brian saves Mia from being arrested
10. The nice green car Brian used in the street race goes boom when it was shot up by:
Asian bikers
The police
A group of finger-snapping, song-singing street toughs
11. Good gravy, Brian is in with John Law! To which law enforcement agency is Brian attached?
The police
The Mounties
12. As Brian's racer was destroyed, he brings a substitute car to pay Dom for the race. What was wrong with the car Brian brought?
It was a police car
It was banged up and pretty much rusted through
It had no tires
It had an inferior motor
13. The famous race that was held in the desert was called:
Desert Heat
Race Wars
The Race to See Who's Fastest
14. Dominic had served time in prison for:
Grand theft auto
Larceny and racketeering
Beating someone nearly to death
15. What was the name of the leader of the Asian biker gang which caused trouble for Dom and which the police liked in connection to the semi robberies?
Victor Phong
Raymond Yue
Ming Chen
Johnny Tran
16. Dom's father used to be a race car driver. In which horrific way did he die?
He drove his car off a cliff
He died in a car fire
He was beheaded when he tried to drive under a semi
His car was crushed by a wrecking ball
17. What color of the rebuilt racer once it was finished?
18. What complicated Dom's attempt to take down one last semi heist?
Brian arrested Dom before the robbery could start
The semi they targeted had nothing of value in it
The police had laid a trap for Dom and his crew
The semi driver thwarted the robbery with a shotgun
19. During the long robbery-gone-bad sequence, which character whipped his/her car underneath the semi, before being run off the road by the truck?
20. Jesse, a member of Dom's crew who had technical proficiency with the high-end racers, had which affliction?
Tourette syndrome
21. Why did the Asian biker gang target Jesse following the race showdown in the desert?
He killed one of the gang members in the race
He accidentally destroyed three of the bikes
Jesse didn't turn over his car after losing a race
He had fingered the gang for the robberies
22. In his last head-to-head race with Brian, Dom drove:
Jesse's car
The car he had won from Brian earlier in the movie
His father's car
A motorcycle
23. How did Dom get away at the end of the movie?
Brian crashed, leaving Dom free to drive away
Brian gave Dom the keys to his car
Dom outran the police
Letty sprung Dom from jail
24. What was the last line of the film?
I'll catch you again some time
While you're gone, I'm still going to get it on with your sister
Dead or alive, you're coming with me
I owe you a ten second car
25. The film is reportedly based on a magazine article by Ken Li titled:
The Fast and the Furious
Racer X
Too High to Drive
Unsafe at Any Speed

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