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How Well Do You Know: Dirty Dancing
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Dirty Dancing quiz

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1. What was Baby's real first name?
Mary Beth
2. What song played during the opening credits?
Big Girls Don't Cry
Do You Love Me
Be My Baby
Hey Baby
3. What was the name of the resort at which film was set?
4. The occupation of Baby's father was important in the film. He was a(n):
Record executive
5. In what year was the film set?
6. Which future Seinfeld cast member was featured as Stan, the resort's social director?
Wayne Knight
Michael Richards
Jason Alexander
John O'Hurley
7. When Baby enters the staff quarters the first night, she is carrying is large:
Beach umbrella
8. Johnny and Penny are a couple in the film, right?
Yep, they were married
Yep, they were dating
Not any more - they were divorced
Not since they were kids
9. What were Baby's first words to Johnny in the film?
I carried a watermelon
You can call me Baby
I like the thing you do with your hips
10. Baby found Penny sobbing because, as we learn, Penny is distraught over being pregnant. Where did Baby find Penny?
In a restroom
At the dock down by the lake
In the kitchen
In Penny's car
11. Who is responsible for Penny being pregnant?
Max Kellerman
Robbie the waiter
Billy, Johnny's cousin
12. Baby asks her father for the money for Penny's abortion, without telling him what the money is for. How much did she ask for?
13. A montage of scenes showing Baby practicing dance steps is set to which largely instrumental song?
Wipe Out
The Peter Gunn Theme
Green Onions
14. Hungry Eyes, which became one of the many hits from the soundtrack, played as Johnny trained Baby. Which 80s star sang the song?
Richard Marx
Eric Carmen
Kenny Loggins
Christopher Cross
15. Baby capably fills in for Penny when she and Johnny perform at another resort. What was the name of the resort where they did their dance?
Moon Lake
The Glades
Cotton Leaf
16. What type of dance did Baby and Johnny perform?
The pachenga
The Twist
The mambo
The merengue
17. What part of the dance did Baby not quite master for the performance?
The leg kick
The turn
The lift
The slide
18. As Swayze himself sang, she's like the:
19. Why did Baby's dad think that Johnny was responsible for Penny being pregnant?
Johnny told him
Baby told him
Penny told him
Max told him
20. Which of the following is not true about Baby's sister?
She is seeing the same person that got Penny pregnant
Her name is Sally
She has black hair
She sings (badly) at the end-of-season show
21. Johnny pummels Robbie. Why?
Because Robbie refuses to do right by Penny
Because Robbie insults Johnny's dancing
Because Robbie insults Baby
Because Johnny was having a -very- bad hair day
22. Johnny is accused of what type of crime?
Assaulting Robbie
Stealing a car
Breaking into Max Kellerman's cabin
Stealing a wallet
23. Who provides the alibi for Johnny?
Max Kellerman
24. At the end-of-season show, Baby and Johnny dance to I've Had the Time of My Life. The song was performed by Jennifer Warrens, and a member of which "brother" musical act?
25. Who puts Baby in a corner?
Only the purest of heart
Only the chaste and wise
Only someone who can Mashed Potato *and* do The Twist

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