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How Well Do You Know: Wedding Crashers
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Wedding Crashers quiz

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1. John and Jeremy have what type of job?
Divorce attorneys
Wedding planners
Divorce mediators
Sports agents
2. The first wedding John and Jeremy crash in the film is what type of ceremony?
Jewish wedding
Catholic wedding
Korean wedding
Civil ceremony
3. A montage of Jeremy and John dancing with, and eventually bedding, various women is set to what wedding reception staple?
Brick House
The Chicken Dance
I Will Survive
4. John and Jeremy often quote rules for crashing weddings. How did they come by these rules?
They made the rules up
They were inscribed on the back cover of a copy The Feminist Mystique in a panel under the reference desk at the library
The captain of Jeremy's football team made him memorize them
They were passed on to them by Chazz
5. Secretary Cleary was Secretary of:
6. Crashing the Cleary wedding, John and Jeremy posed as:
Record producers
NASA engineers
Venture capitalists
Owners of a party supply store
7. Claire could not contain her laughter at the vows exchanged at her sister's wedding. The vows were written on what theme?
Old West
8. What talent did Jeremy display at the Cleary wedding to try to get Gloria's attention?
Playing the piano
Making balloon animals
Performing CPR
9. Where did Jeremy and Gloria have sex at the reception?
In the kitchen
Next to the water
In the bride and groom's limo
In the nave of the church
10. Startled by Gloria's stating that she was a virgin, Jeremy described her as a "_____________ clinger"
Stage five
Code red
Defcon One
Passive aggressive
11. Which did not take place at the Clearys' dinner table the first night?
John and Jeremy drugged Zack's drink
Secretary Cleary's mother showed she was quite foul-mouthed
Jeremy got some unwelcome under-the-table action from Gloria
Secretary Cleary aimed a musket at John
12. When asked how they were connected to the family, John and Jeremy said that they were Uncle _______ and Aunt ______'s kids.
Sid & Nancy
Ramone & Ramona
Ned & Liz
Harry & Sally
13. Jeremy gets an unwelcome visit during the night from:
Secretary Cleary
All of the above
14. Which food-related nickname did John and Jeremy use for each other through the film?
Baba Ganoush
Fettuccine Alfredo
Apple Jacks
15. John and Jeremy are dragged along with Zack and Secretary Cleary when they go hunting:
16. John and Claire venture out to a beach near the Cleary estate. How do they get there?
They walk
They take a limo
They sail
They ride bikes
17. What unexpected announcement is made at the table on the second day?
Zack announces that he and Claire are getting married
Secretary Cleary announces that he is running for President
Mrs. Cleary announces she is leaving the Secretary
Grandma Cleary announces that an alien invasion is imminent
18. When John and Jeremy's cover is blown, who fires a rifle at Jeremy as he flees the house?
Grandma Cleary
Secretary Cleary
19. When John and Jeremy walk back to the ferry, what is Jeremy carrying?
A guitar
A painting that Todd made for him
A shotgun
A broken bicycle
20. John gets pummeled by Zack when he tries to sneak in to Zack and Claire's engagement party. Where was Jeremy?
Along side Jeremy, also getting pummeled
He refused to go, stating that John had to get over Claire
He had to work late
He was home making out with Gloria
21. A disheveled, depressed John is briefly cheered up by Jeremy when the latter visits him on his birthday. Why does John suddenly throw Jeremy out?
Jeremy tells John he is leaving their practice
Jeremy makes a joke about John's mother
Jeremy tells John he is getting married
Jeremy tells John that he is never going to be with Claire
22. The legendary Chazz lives:
With his mom
In a penthouse overlooking the Potomac river
Above a bowling alley
In a mechanical room at a high school
23. When John visits Chazz, he finds that Chazz is primarily crashing:
Weddings, still
Bar Mitzvahs
Sweet Sixteen parties
24. At Jeremy's wedding, who threw the punch that flattened Zack?
Secretary Cleary
25. As the two couples drive away from the wedding at the end of the film, they consider crashing another nearby wedding, posing as:
Venture capitalists
Arson investigators
Paper company salespeople
Folk singers

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