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Signs quiz

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1. The film opens with Graham and Merrill finding the kids standing at the edge of a crop sign. What crop was the sign made in?
2. What was the name of the Pennsylvania county in which the film was set?
3. On her first visit to investigate the crop sign, what does Graham ask of Officer Paski?
Make sure nothing happens to his children
Apologize for not saving his wife
That she stop call him Father
Arrest the Wolfington brothers for the damage to his crops
4. How did the one of the family dogs die?
It was frightened to death
It impaled itself on a garden tool when it attacked the children
Its neck was broken
Graham hit it with his car
5. Where was the first place that Graham saw one of the aliens?
In the corn field
In the well
In his basement
On the roof
6. Fill in the blanks: _________ has a bad habit of leaving several ________ lying around the house (and a good thing too, as it turns out......)
Merrill / baseball bats
Graham / Bibles
Bo / glasses of water
Morgan / comic books
7. Morgan suffers (and a good thing too, as it turns out......) from:
8. On advise of Officer Paski, Graham takes the family into town. Which of the following is not true about the outing?
Morgan goes to the book store
Merrill goes to the army recruitment center
The family meets up for ice cream
Graham sees the man that killed his wife
9. We learn that Merrill was a prodigious home run hitter in the minor league. What ultimately held him back from achieving success as a pro athlete?
He struck out too often
He was injured too often
He left the team to help Graham after his wife died
He got addicted to drugs
10. What item does the family use to hear the alien noises?
An old black & white television
A baby monitor
Merrill's ham radio
The car radio
11. The family gathers around the television to watch news reports of lights in the sky. Over which North American city did the lights first appear?
Washington, DC
Los Angeles
Mexico City
12. Graham recounts that his wife's final words were (and a good thing too, as it turns out......):
It hurts
Swing away
Don't leave me
I'm thirsty
13. Graham discovers the children wearing special headgear "so the aliens can't read our minds." What material are the hats made out of?
Papier mache
Aluminum foil
14. Played by M. Night Shyamalan, the man who killed Graham's wife was named:
15. The man named in the previous question tells Graham that he has locked one of the aliens:
In his billiards room
In his pantry
In his garage
In his laundry room
16. Merrill is glued to the TV set, which he has pulled into a closet. He sees footage of an alien siting in a Brazilian town. The alien was caught on camera:
Outside a movie theater
At a child's birthday party
At a wedding reception
Behind a grocery store
17. Graham uses a kitchen knife to cut off the alien's:
18. Amid reports that the lights in the sky are multiplying, Graham tries to establish some normalcy by having the family eat dinner together, but everyone is too upset to eat. Everyone comes unhinges when Graham states: "I am not going to waste one more minute of my life on _____"
You guys
19. Trying to find something to wedge against the cellar door, Merrill does something that complicates things for the family. What?
Loses the key to the door
Breaks a window
Breaks the light bulb hanging from the ceiling
Knocks Bo unconscious
20. How did the alien get into the cellar to grab Morgan?
They were hiding in there before the family took shelter there
Through a broken window
By breaking down the door
Through a coal chute
21. What happened to Morgan after the alien grabbed him?
He went into a trance
He had an asthma attack
He started convulsing from being poisoned
Nothing, he was fine
22. The family emerged from the cellar upon hearing this surprising news over the radio:
The aliens had apparently been defeated
The crop signs had all disappeared
The aliens had proven to be friendly
Pollen can do really, really bad things to a person
23. The final confrontation between the family and the aliens takes place in:
The cellar
The kitchen
The living room
The attic
24. On which of the following did the outcome of the final confrontation with the aliens not hinge?
Graham's wife's final words
Graham's previous involvement with the clergy
Morgan's asthma
Bo's habit of leaving water glasses around in the house
25. Where in M. Night Shyamalan's catalog does Signs fit?
Before The Sixth Sense
After The Sixth Sense but before Unbreakable
After Unbreakable but before The Village
After The Village but before Lady in the Water

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