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How Well Do You Know: Tom Hanks Trivia
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Tom Hanks quiz

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1. Complete Jimmy Dugan's signature line: "There's no ________ in baseball!"
2. For which film did Hanks win his first Oscar?
The Ladykillers
Saving Private Ryan
3. Chuck Noland's volleyball companion in Cast Away bore the name of the sporting goods manufacturer?
4. Follow us on this: Which actor played the man that Tom Hank's Carl Hanratty wanted to catch, if he could, in Catch Me If You Can?
Mark Wahlberg
Danny DeVito
Mark Ruffalo
Leonardo DiCaprio
5. Which of the following characters that Hanks portrayed was based on a real-life person?
Robert Langdon
Sam Baldwin
Jim Lovell
Sherman McCoy
6. What was the name of the fortune telling machine that transforms Josh Baskin into a man in Big?
7. Tom and his wife Rita Wilson were credited as either producers or executive producers for which pair of surprisingly successful films?
The Passion of the Christ and Once
Slumdog Millionaire and The Pianist
Memento and The Blair Witch Project
Mamma Mia! and My Big Fat Greek Wedding
8. Ron Howard has directed Tom Hanks a number of times. Which of the follwing was not a Howard/Hanks joint?
The DaVinci Code
The 'Burbs
Apollo 13
9. Just prior before his big break into films, Tom appeared in a handful of Family Ties episodes as Elyse Keaton's brother Ned. What affliction beset Ned?
He was dying of cancer
He had incurable insomnia
He was an alcoholic
He was a kleptomaniac
10. Big was the first film of Hanks' to gross more than $100 million. What was the second?
Joe Versus the Volcano
Forrest Gump
A League of Their Own
Toy Story
11. Highjinx ensued when Richard Drew had to wear one business shoe along with one tennis shoe of which color?
12. In That Thing You Do, Mr. White worked for what record label?
Sunset 45
13. Which of these figures was not seen in archival footage in Forrest Gump?
Richard Nixon
Jimi Hendrix
Elvis Presley
John Lennon
14. Tom Hanks met future wife Rita Wilson when they worked together for the first time on which film?
The Money Pit
Bachelor Party
15. Which two HBO series credited Hanks and Steven Spielberg as executive producer?
From the Earth to the Moon and The Wire
Band of Brothers and From the Earth to the Moon
Six Feet Under and Band of Brothers
The Larry Sanders Show and Race for the Pennant
16. Which tune did Tom Hanks play with Robert Loggia on the floor keyboard in Big?
Shave and a Haircut
Heart and Soul
Ave Maria
Moonlight Sonata
17. In Bosom Buddies, why did Kip and Henry, portrayed by Hanks and Peter Scolari, masquerade as Buffy and Hildegarde?
For a job
For living accommodations
To fulfill a wager
To avoid the draft
18. The men in Captain Miller's unit in Saving Private Ryan have a betting pool regarding Miller's occupation back home. To defuse a particularly tense confrontation between the men, Miller revealed he is a teacher. What does he teach?
French literature
Chemistry and phys ed
English composition
19. Tom played a variety of roles in the Robert Zemeckis version of The Polar Express. Which of the following was not among them?
Train Conductor
Polar bear
Santa Claus
20. In Nothing in Common, Hanks shared the lead with which Tony winner, in what turned out to be his last film role?
Hal Holbrook
Jackie Gleason
Paul Scofield
Peter O'Toole
21. Which Hanks character could tell you the most about mass-marketing paperback books?
Carl Hanratty
Joe Fox
Scott Turner
Andrew Beckett
22. Of the following, which actress has not played the cinematic wife/romantic interest of a Tom Hanks character?
Susan Sarandon
Helen Hunt
Kathleen Quinlan
Bonnie Hunt
23. The climax to Sleepless in Seattle drew parallels to which Cary Grant/Deborah Kerr film?
An Affair to Remember
Woman of the Year
The Philadelphia Story
From Here to Eternity
24. Which of the following authors did not write a book that was adapted into a movie in which Hanks starred?
Stephen King
Tom Wolfe
Dan Brown
Henry Fielding
25. Forrest Gump played football at what university?
26. What was the name of the fictional island on which the volcano stood in Joe vs the Volcano?
Waponi Woo
27. Which airport was the setting for The Terminal?
28. In Bachelor Party, Hanks played Rick Gassko who was about to marry his girlfriend Debbie Thompson. What 1980s vixen played Debbie?
Tawny Kitaen
Kelly LeBrock
Christie Brinkley
Shannon Tweed
29. When we think of comedy, our mind springs automatically to this woman, who shared the lead with Tom in Punchline:
Meryl Streep
Katharine Hepburn
Geraldine Page
Sally Field
30. What two colors are Woody's vest in Toy Story?
Red and black
Brown and black
Red and blue
Black and white

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