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How Well Do You Know: It's A Wonderful Life
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It's just not Christmas until Uncle Billy tells the story about 'Nam...

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1. What precipitates the crisis that propels the movie's plot?
The building & loan burns down
An $8,000 cash deposit goes missing just before the yearly audit
A rumored merger causes a run on the bank
A teller is caught stealing money from the safe
2. Who is the town powerbroker and hated nemesis of the Bailey family?
Henry Gibson
John Henry
Henry Porter
Henry Potter
3. What gives Potter the opportunity to close the building & loan?
He bribes a congressman to take control of Bailey Park via eminent domain
He convinces Mary George is sleeping with Violet Bick and gets control of her half of the business
He blackmails Cousin Eustace into giving him inside information, allowing him to freeze George out
Uncle Billy accidentally gives him the $8,000 that was supposed to be deposited to balance the books
4. What is the name of George's guardian angel?
5. How does Clarence prevent George from committing suicide?
He jumps in the river, knowing George will rescue him from "drowning"
He pretends to be Potter and gives George $8,000
He takes the form of a child and pretends to be lost
He tells George suicide is a sin and he won't go to Heaven
6. What major turning point in George's life does Clarence witness first?
George's father dying
George leaving Bedford Falls for the first time
George meeting Mary for the first time
George saving his younger brother, Harry, from drowning in an icy river
7. What price does George pay for his heroic deed?
He breaks his leg, which never heals properly, leaving him with a permanent limp
He catches a cold which infects his left ear, causing him to lose hearing in that ear
He catches cold and loses his singing voice, never realizing his dream to become a great opera star
He loses three fingers on his right hand to frostbite
8. How does George change the druggist Mr Gower's life?
Doesn't deliver the pills Gower, in a drunken stupor, accidentally filled with poison
Introduces Gower, in a drunken stupor, to his wife
Saves Gower, in a drunken stupor, from drowning in an icy river
Warns Gower's son, in a drunken stupor, about the dangers of influenza
9. Why does George promise to keep Gower's near-fatal error a secret, even after Gower, in a drunken stupor, repeatedly hits his sore ear?
His father was an alcoholic, so George is used to that behavior
He doesn't want any more beatings from Gower
He figures he can always use the information against Gower later
He sees the telegram telling Gower his son died and realizes that's why Gower is drinking
10. What is George's one burning ambition growing up?
To be elected to the House of Representatives
To leave Bedford Falls and see the world
To skin Potter alive and feast on his entrails
To shoot Liberty Valance
11. What happens to George when he dances with Mary at Harry's high-school graduation party?
He breaks his leg, which never heals properly, leaving him with a permanent limp
The floor he built over the pool is opened by a rival for Mary's affections and the pair fall in
Harry cuts in, and Harry and Mary fall in love and get married instead of George and Mary
The rest of the kids laugh him off the stage when he plays something called "rock and roll"
12. What prevents George from leaving town on his first attempt?
Gower, in a drunken stupor, beats him into a coma
He gets Mary pregnant
He gets homesick before the train leaves the station
His father has a stroke
13. What keeps George from leaving town after his father's death?
He breaks his leg, which never heals properly, leaving him with a permanent limp
He has to stay and run Bailey Building & Loan to keep Potter from closing it
He gets Mary pregnant
Potter hires him in a drunken stupor, and then George steals all the old skinflint's money
14. What keeps George and Mary from going on their honeymoon?
Potter closes the bank and causes a run on the building & loan
Potter closes the railroad
Potter declares their marriage illegal
Mary leaves him for Gower, in a drunken stupor
15. How does George save the building & loan from the run?
Closes the doors and hides until the Depression is over
Convinces people to only withdraw enough money to last until the bank reopens in a week
Offers to let any customer who doesn't sell out to Potter have sex with Mary
Leads the citizens of Bedford Falls to Potter's castle carrying pitchforks and torches
16. What wish does Clarence grant George to prove he's not worth more dead than alive?
That he'd never been born
That he'd never broken his leg, which never healed properly and left him with a permanent limp
That Uncle Billy had died instead of his father
That he could be Mr Potter for one day
17. What happens to Mary in the world where George was never born?
She becomes the town madam
She marries Sam Wainwright and becomes rich beyond her wildest dreams
She turns into a dry, brittle spinster and becomes the town librarian
She takes over Potter's empire and becomes a ruthless, embittered, barren old woman
18. What happens to Mr Gower in the world where George was never born?
He commits suicide out of despair over losing his son and poisoning a child
He drowns in an icy river
He kills Potter for withholding the medicine that would have saved his son and goes to jail
He poisons the boy and ends up an alcoholic, ex-con bum despised by the entire town
19. What happens to Bedford Falls in the world where George was never born?
It becomes Bick Valley, a Mecca of gambling and prostitution run by the Mafia
It becomes Potter's Fields, the Potter family cemetery and crypt
It becomes Pottersville, a seedy, violent town filled with bars, cathouses and dirt-poor people
It becomes Wainwright Springs, a polluted shantytown for the workers in the plastics factory
20. How does Harry's death in the world where George was never born affect the events of World War II?
Bedford Falls is bombed out of existence during a Nazi blitzkrieg
Edith Keeler lives and prevents the US from entering WWII
Potter sells the secrets of the Manhattan Project to Nazi Germany, and the US loses the war
Two planes Harry would have shot down sink a troop transport ship, killing all aboard
21. How is the world put back the way it was?
George breaks his leg, which never heals properly, leaving him with a permanent limp
George prays that, no matter what happens, he just wants to live and see his wife and kids again
George promises to be nicer to and more understanding of Potter
George punches Clarence
22. How does George know he's part of the world again?
Bert recognizes him
He finds Zuzu's petals in his jacket pocket
His lip starts bleeding
All of the above
23. How is Bailey Building & Loan saved from Potter?
The $8,000 somehow gets back in the safe
The entire town, learning George is in trouble, pitches in to replace the lost money
Potter dies and leaves his entire fortune to George
Mary sleeps with the bank examiner to keep him from reporting the problem with the books
24. What is the inscription on the book Clarence gives George?
Remember no man is a failure who has friends
Remember me to your mother
Remember true riches are not money and possessions
So long and thanks for all the fish
25. What does the movie say happens every time a bell rings?
The world joins hands and sings
A troubled soul finds needful things
An angel gets his wings
Another little baby child is born in the ghetto

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