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How Well Do You Know: The Neverending Story
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1. At the beginning, we learn Bastian's always in trouble. According to his father, why did his math teacher call this time?
He was running in the halls
He was being a class clown
He was drawing horses in his math book
He was kissing girls
2. What do the bullies like to do to Bastian when he doesn't have any cash to hand over?
Throw him in the garbage
Give him a wet willie
Give him a wedgie
Throw his books into the river
3. What star of The Neverending Story was unfortunate enough to reprise their role in the sequel: The Next Chapter?
Thomas Hill as Koreander
Barret Oliver as Bastian
Gerald McRaney as Bastian's Father
Sydney Bromley as Engywook
4. The copy of The Neverending Story Bastian "borrows" from Koreander's shop is adorned by an ornate medallion that's comprised of what?
A yin-yang symbol
Two snakes devouring each other by the tail
Atreyu's family crest
Atreyu riding Falkor
5. I hope you got the previous question right, because now I want to know the name of that snake medallion.
The Serpent's Seal
6. Which of the curious campers first brings up the concept of The Nothing (because "even a hole would be something".)
Teeny Weeny
Night Hob
7. Teeny Weeny is played by Deep Roy, a familiar, if strange face who was most recently seen in this modern-day remake:
Friday the 13th (2009)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
War of the Worlds (2005)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
8. Because The Childlike Empress is ill, Cairon announces that Atreyu will be their only hope to save Fantasia. Atreyu was doing something pretty important that he's more than willing to get back to if they can't accept his young age. What was that?
Build a hut
Have an arranged marriage
Study magic
Hunt purple buffalo
9. At the same time Atreyu is given the quest to find a cure for The Childlike Empress, something *else* begins a more sinister quest. Who is this man or beast?
Tri Face
10. When it comes time for a break from the book, Bastian takes out his bagged lunch. He makes sure to save some of it, realizing that he has a long way to go, but what does he have to eat?
Sandwich and apple
Soup in a thermos
A fruit salad cup
11. After searching The Silver Mountians, The Desert of Shattered Hopes, and The Crystal Towers, Atreyu finds himself in the Swamps of Sadness. Why would he even come to such a dreadful place?
He heard a kind of root grew there would cure The Empress
He was trying to get the jump on G'Mork
He was looking for Morla, The Ancient One
He didn't want to cross the slopes of Caradhras
12. Here's an easy one for those still traumatized by the scene. Who doesn't make it out of the Swamps of Sadness alive?
13. Morla isn't really much help to Atreyu as The Ancient One mostly only sneezes so violently she sends the warrior into the mud on several occasions. Besides suggesting he visit the Southern Oracle for advice, there is something very important about this scene. What is it?
Atreyu breaks his leg in one of his falls
Bastian is caught reading The Neverending Story by a teacher
Bastian believes Atreyu heard him scream when he first reads about Morla
Artax is brought back to life
14. Thankfully, Atreyu is snatched from the jaws of G'Mork by Falkor before he, too, falls in the Swamps of Sadness. Resembling a large furry flying dog, Falkor is actually what kind of creature?
A Phoenix
A Luck Dragon
A Chimera
A Nighthob
15. So where does Falcor take Atreyu to, which just so happens to be right around the corner from The Southern Oracle and is home of someone who claims to be an expert on the subject actually?
Urgl and Engywook
The Rockbiters
Xayide's Castle
The Ivory Tower
16. How many gates are there that guard The Southern Oracle, anyway?
17. The answer to the last question was two. The first of which are the massive Sphinxes that shoot laser beams out of their eyes! How awesome is that? What exactly is the gate supposed to test, though?
A person's speed
A person's wisdom
A person's strength
A person's confidence
18. Things get really strange for Bastian once again with the Magic Mirror Gate. Why is that?
He discovers pages of the book are torn out
When Atreyu looks into the mirror, Bastian thinks Atreyu can see him
G'Mork comes leaping through a window in the attic where Bastian is reading
He hears Falcor calling his name
19. When Atreyu finally arrives at the Southern Oracle, they're sadly reused Sphinxes props and they don't use rhyme like in the novel. Still, they do know how to save The Childlike Empress. How?
A potion from Urgl should do the trick
Slay the witch that made her sick
By a human child, she must be given a new name
Another Empress must be found who looks exactly the same
20. While Atreyu and Falkor are flying around Fantasia looking for its boarders in another stirring montage, I'd like to take a minute and ask if you know the name of the group Llamal was lead singer of? (As you know, he was the guy who sang the theme song, and the band had a hit with "Too Shy.")
Del Amitri
The Spooky Kids
Cause & Effect
21. For a bit more challenging of a question: name the composer of The Neverending Story's theme:
Giorgio Moroder
Sascha Konietzko
Hanz Zimmer
22. Alright, enough music, back to the action! The Nothing has grown stronger and flings Atreyu from his luck dragon causing him to lose Auryn. Washing up on the shoreline, the first creature he comes across is Rockbiter. What's his deal?
He's gorged himself on too many limestones
He ran over the Racing Snail
He's sad his hands weren't good and strong enough to hold on to his friends
He met a girl Rockbiter
23. What is the last thing Atreyu does before Fantasia is ripped to pieces by The Nothing?
Apologizes to Engywook for stealing his compass
Challenges and stabs G'Mork to death
Tells The Childlike Empress he loves her
Asks Rockbiter for a ride on his rock cycle
24. When Bastian is finally really drawn into Fantasia, it's to give The Childlike Empress her new name. The name he screams out is Moonchild. (You're welcome.) But what's the significance of this name?
It was his mother's name
It was his grandmother's name
It was his sister's name
It was his first crush's name
25. Bastian has to wish for Fantasia to be restored and to get a chance to ride Falkor in order to get back at the bullies in the real world. But the question is what does The Childlike Empress ask him to wish upon?
A star
Atreyu's grave.
A single grain of sand.

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