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Moonraker quiz

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While Bond is busy "on assignment", a Moonraker is stolen while being transported from the United States to Britain. What is a Moonraker?
a satellite
a submarine
a nuclear missile
a space shuttle
Bond is called in to investigate the Moonraker's disappearance. What excuse does he give Moneypenny for being late?
He skied over a cliff
He fell out of a cable car and down a mountain
He fell out of an airplane without a parachute
He fell out of your dreams and into your car
Ooops! In the opening sequence, Jaws pulls his rip cord too harshly and plummets to the earth. But he survives by landing on what?
a large haystack
a circus tent
a marshmallow factory
a mattress store
Bond travels to California to meet the maker of the Moonraker, Hugo Drax, who lives in a chateau, transported from France brick by brick. What other piece of French architecture is he said to own?
the Louvre
half the Champs-Elysees
the Georges Cinq
the Eiffel Tower
What does Drax consider to be England's one indisputable contribution to Western civilization?
afternoon tea
steak and kidney pie
warm beer
What is Bond's first observation of NASA scientist Dr. Goodhead?
she's very intelligent
she's very beautiful
she has a very funny name
she's a woman
Bond takes a centrifuge chamber for a spin. Dr Goodhead says "Come on, Mr Bond. A seventy year old can take three G's". Bond's reply?
"Trouble is, there's never a seventy year old around when you need one."
"Oh, I'm used to being strapped in like this."
"I prefer to give rather than receive."
"Funny you should mention that..."
Bond has a cigarette case/X-ray machine for cracking safes. What other purpose does 007 use it for?
seeing if anyone is waiting for him outside Drax's study
seeing if there is anything useful in Drax's desk drawers
seeing Drax's airline tickets to see where he's headed next
seeing through Corinne's nightgown
After Bond leaves Drax's chateau, Drax has Corinne killed by...
having one of his fellow grouse-hunters shoot her
setting his Dobermans on her
asking Jaws to put the bite on her
setting off a bomb in her helicopter
Bond travels to Venice on a lead. In Venice, Bond is equipped with a gondola that...
can submerge for short periods
launches torpedoes
converts into a hovercraft
he uses to cruise chicks
Bond uncovers a secret laboratory in Drax's Venetian glass factory. The entry keypad chimes a set of notes made famous by:
Star Wars
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
the Godfather
the James Bond movies
After Bond is done snooping around the glass factory, Chang attacks him with:
throwing stars
a samurai sword
a wooden kendo sword
Chang is killed after Bond throws him:
off the top of the Campanile
off the roof of San Marco Basilica
over the railing of the Rialto Bridge
through the clock on St Mark's clocktower
Bond runs into Dr. Goodhead in Venice and later drops by her hotel room uninvited. When he sees she has a bottle of Bollinger on ice, he says:
"I trust the champagne is as chilled as your welcome."
"Waiting for company?"
"Do you want me to pop the cork?
"If it's a '69 you were expecting me."
Bond follows another lead, this time to Rio de Janeiro. What pick up line does he (successfully) use within five minutes of arriving at his hotel?
"Why don't you show me the Sugar Loaf?"
"Tall and tanned and young and lovely, I see."
"How do you kill five hours in Rio if you don't samba?"
"There's a carnival in my pants, and you're invited."
Jaws' plan to kill Bond and Dr. Goodhead on the Sugar Loaf mountain cable car fails. But on the bright side:
he's never smelled better
he is noticed by a film director and starts an acting career
he meets the girl of his dreams and falls in love
he saves a bunch of money on his car insurance
Dr. Goodhead is captured and Bond goes to MI6's Brazilian headquarters, which is located inside:
a banana warehouse
a monastery
a coffee plantation
the statue of Cristo Redentor on Corcovado
Q's Latin American-themed workshop does not include which of the following experimental weapons?
exploding bolas
laser guns
bikini garotte
a model of a napping sombrero-wearing man that splits apart to reveal a Gatling gun
Bond defies another attempt by Drax to plan an amusing death for him. Drax: "Why did you break off the encounter with my pet python?" Bond:
"Oh, she was fine for a quick squeeze."
"She thought she had me wrapped around her little finger."
"I discovered he had a crush on me."
"I thought it was a trouser snake."
The launch site for Moonrakers Five and Six is hidden:
inside a dormant volcano
behind a waterfall
under Drax's chateau
in a ruined, ancient city
Bond and Dr. Goodhead arrive at Drax's space station to discover he plans to kill everyone on Earth using nerve gas derived from:
In addition to metal teeth, it is also implied that Jaws has a metal:
Drax is killed and as the space station starts to explode, Jaws reveals he can speak! What's his one line for the movie?
"Oh, no."
"Bond - thanks for everything."
"Well, here's to us."
"Oh, James!"
Bond and Dr. Goodhead destroy the nerve gas globes, and find their post-world-saving activities rudely interrupted. Minister of Defence: "My God, what's Bond doing?" Q's reply?
"We have liftoff, sir."
"I believe it's an experiment NASA asked him to try."
"I think he's attempting re-entry."
"At least 5 G's, I should say."
Bonus Question: In Ian Fleming's novel Moonraker, all the scientists working at Drax's facility must comply with what curious requirement?
they must wear face-masks at all times
they must answer to numbers, not to their own names
they must shave their heads and grow different types of moustaches
they may not wear anything underneath their lab coats

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