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How Well Do You Know: A Christmas Story
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The fireman pulls him off after they pour coffee on his tongue!
Marco77 12/12/13 2:45 pm


1. On what street does Ralphie's family live?
2. The story takes place in what state?
3. Ralphie hides an ad for the BB gun in which of his mother's magazines?
Better Homes & Gardens
4. Which household appliance causes Ralphie's father the most angst?
The furnace
The fireplace
The oven
The hot water heater
5. How does Flick get free after freezing his tongue to the flagpole?
The teacher pours hot water on it
Ralphie pulls him off
A fireman pulls him off
Schwartz pulls him off
6. The name of the boy that, along with Scott Farkus, is the neighborhood bully is:
Grover Dill
Ace Merrill
Davey Grudge
Ford McLaine
7. When Randy refuses to eat his dinner, his mother asks him to emulate what animals?
8. Ralphie's dad reads the word "Fragile" on the lamp's delivery crate as being from what language?
9. What was not true about the lamp?
It had black fringe on the shade
It ran on batteries
It had a black high-heel shoe
It had a fishnet stocking
10. Ralphie's favorite radio program is:
The Lone Ranger
Little Orphan Annie
The Red Ryder Show
The Shadow
11. Ralphie's mom makes him wash his mouth out with soap because he swears. Why does he swear?
She tells him he can't have the BB gun
Scott Farkus attacks Randy
He drops the nuts when helping his dad change a tire
He didn't get an A+ on his theme
12. Ralphie's daydreams include all of the following except:
Breaking into the department store to see Santa
Going blind from soap poisoning
Getting an A+ on his theme
Defending his family's home using the BB gun
13. The message that Ralphie decodes using his Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring was:
Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine
Obey Your Parents
Tune in Next Week
Buy US War Bonds
14. Who broke the lamp?
Ralphie's father
Ralphie's mother
15. Who doesn't tell Ralphie that he would shoot his eye out?
His mother
His father
His teacher
The department store Santa
16. Why does Ralphie beat up Scott Farkus?
Scott Farkus beats up Randy
Scott Farkus makes Schwartz say Uncle
Scott Farkus calls Ralphie a cry baby
Scott Farkus talks badly about the lamp
17. How do the children leave the stage on top of which sits the department store Santa?
A ladder
A trap-door
A swing
A slide
18. What color is the bunny suit that Ralphie gets from Aunt Clara?
19. Ralphie's school is named after which president?
Teddy Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt
Warren G Harding
Woodrow Wilson
20. How does Ralphie break his glasses?
By shooting a BB through the lens
In a fight with Scott Farkus
An icicle fell off the roof
By stepping on them
21. Who ruined the turkey?
The neighbor's dogs
Ralphie's mom
Ralphie's dad
22. Ralphie's family goes out to eat at what kind of restaurant?
A burger joint

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