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How Well Do You Know: Out of Sight
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Out of Sight quiz

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1. When we first see Jack Foley, he is:
Tearing off a necktie
Walking the yard in prison
Arranging a boxing match in prison
In the trunk of a car with Karen
2. Jack robs a bank. Why does he get caught?
The teller trips a silent alarm
A police car ran out of gas right outside the bank
His partner gives him up
His getaway car won't start
3. The prison from which Jack escapes along with Chino is located in which state?
4. When we first see Karen, her father is presenting her with a birthday present. What is it?
A subscription to Cosmo
A Chanel suit
A handgun
A Miami Dolphins T-shirt
5. Karen is seeing a man named Ray Nicolette. Karen's father doesn't like Ray, because:
He's an ex-con
He's married
He's Karen's superior
He's a Democrat
6. Steve Zahn is great in the movie. He plays Glen Michaels, who has which annoying habit?
He's an awful driver
He's constantly correcting Jack
He always wants to stop for nachos
He always wears his sunglasses, even when it's dark
7. Flash back to two years when Jack and Buddy were in Lompoc. We meet Maurice Miller (Don Cheadle), nicknamed Snoopy. The name is a reference to:
His affinity for the Red Barron
The fact that he's always eating peanuts
His proclivity for throwing fights
His long ears
8. Before he was sent to prison, Richard Ripley made a living as:
An oil tycoon
A Wall Street investor
An NFL head coach
A movie studio mogul
9. Jack is taking a bath in a hotel room, when Karen sneaks into the room with a gun. Which of the following is true?
Buddy comes in before Karen can arrest Jack
The phone rings and Karen runs out, startled
This is just a part of Jack's fantasy
This is just a part of Karen's fantasy
10. Snoopy attempts to shake Ripley down, charging him exorbitantly for a goldfish, saline solution and an extra pillow. Where in the prison does this scene take place?
The library
The laundry room
The wood shop
The yard
11. After the prison break, Glen, Buddy and Jack make their way to north to rob Ripley. To which city do they go?
12. Karen arrests Chino when he visits Jack's ex Adele. What does Adele do for a living?
She's an interior designer
She's a magician's assistant
She's a TV weather broadcaster
She's a prostitute
13. Before Jack leaves Miami, he and Karen catch a glimpse of each other, but she pauses before she can arrest him. Where does this take place?
In a public park
At the beach
At the airport
At Jack's hotel
14. Which of the characters calls his sister to confess the crimes he has committed?
15. Glen meets up with Snoop in Detroit. What is the name of Snoop's bodyguard/driver?
Blue Billy Blue
Big Red
White Boy Bob
Greenie the Meanie
16. Later to be better known for his work on Grey's Anatomy, Isaiah Washington plays Kenneth, a member of Snoop's crew. What is Kenneth's trademark apparel?
A chef's apron
A t-shirt that reads "FBI"
A fireman's jacket
An Oakland Raiders cap
17. What does Jack disclose to Ripley about robbing banks?
He's only robbed two banks in his life
He only takes what the bank can afford to lose
He has never used a gun
He doesn't see anything wrong with it
18. Before she roughs him up, Kenneth tells Karen about his dog that was run over by a car. What was the dog's name?
19. Ripley offers Foley a job as:
A security guard
A junior account analyst
A telemarketer
A garage valet
20. When they meet at the hotel in Detroit, Jack and Karen engage briefly in role play. What names do they use?
Tony and Carmen
Gary and Celeste
Philip and Chelsea
Charles and Daisy
21. The morning after they slept together, Karen finds that Jack has left her something. What is it?
A scrap of paper with Ripley's address
Her gun
His lighter
A matchbook from the lounge where they had a drink
22. Where in his house does Ripley hide his diamonds?
In his safe
In his refrigerator
In his microwave
In his aquarium
23. Aside from Ripley, who else is home during the robbery?
His sister
His daughter
His maid
No one
24. How many people are killed during the robbery at Ripley's house?
25. Karen arrests Jack and arranges to drive him back to Florida. Also along for the drive is Heijira Henry. What is notable about Heijira?
He used to be a Secret Service agent
He is Buddy's brother
He has escaped from prison at least nine times
He helped design the prison at which he and Jack will be incarcerated

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