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How Well Do You Know: When Harry Met Sally
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When Harry Met Sally Quiz

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1. The first time we see Harry and Sally, they meet at the University of Chicago. What is the year?
The film does not state the year
2. What is not true about Harry and Sally's drive from Chicago to New York?
Harry states that Sally has not had great sex yet.
Sally explains why they don't make Sunday Day-of-the-Week underpants
Harry annoys Sally by spitting grape seeds out the window
They discuss Star Wars
3. Five years after they arrive in New York, Harry and Sally meet again at an airport. Who is the man that Sally is dating?
4. How does Harry realize that Sally has not been dating for long?
They touched noses when they parted
Her foot lifted off the ground when they kissed goodbye
Because Sally stated the sex was still good
Her boyfriend took her to the airport - this doesn't happen later in the relationship
5. On the plane, Harry and Sally discuss their romantic prospects. Which is true?
Both are going to get married
Only Harry is going to get married
Only Sally is going to get married
Neither are going to get married
6. Five years later, Sally has just broken up. Her friend Marie (Carrie Fisher) has a rolodex of men. How does Marie signify that the man is married?
She rips it into three pieces
She writes a small M on the back
She dog-ears the card
She moves it to the back of the rolodex
7. When we catch up with Harry, he is getting divorced. What was on the shirt of the moving man who came for his wife's belongings?
Clumsy Student Movers
Ex-Spouse Relocation Services
Don't F*** With Mr. Zero
8. What is Marie's standard response when her friends tell her that the object of her affection is never going to leave his wife?
You're right, you're right, I know you're right
Blah, blah, blah
Some day true love will win out and he'll dump her
A girl can always dream
9. After his divorce, Harry has trouble sleeping. He recounts to Sally how he says up until 4:00 in the morning watching which classic sitcom in Spanish?
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Leave It to Beaver
The Dick van Dyke Show
The Honeymooners
10. Harry states that he has what type of a job?
Political consultant
Tax attorney
Wild game hunter
11. According to Harry, which type of woman is Sally?
High maintenance
Low maintenance, but she thinks that she's high maintenance
High maintenance, but she thinks that she's low maintenance
Low maintenance
12. Sally has the same recurring sex fantasy dream, in which a faceless guy rips off her clothes. How does she vary the fantasy?
The guy's name
The day of the week
The music that's playing in the background
What she's wearing
13. Harry has a theory about hieroglyphics. What is it?
They were the earliest form of vandalism
They were created in 1985 by a guy named Moe
They are actually a comic strip about a character named Sphinxy
They were advertisements for prehistorical Burger Kings
14. Sally recounts a particularly bad date. What happened at the end of the date?
Her date started sneezing uncontrollably
Her date took a hair from her head and started flossing with it
Her date asked if she washed her clothes with Windex
Her date tried to cop a feel
15. At the batting cage, Harry explains to his friend Jess (Bruno Kirby) that when having sex with a woman,
She offered to do his taxes
She began to sing hymns in Latin
She invited her sister into bed with them
She meowed
16. In the film's signature scene, Sally fakes an orgasm in a restaurant. What is the significance of the woman to tells the waiter, "I'll have what she's having"?
The actress is the mother of the director, Rob Reiner
The actress is the mother of Billy Crystal
The woman is the movie's art director
The woman is the movie's screenwriter, Nora Ephron
17. Harry sets Sally up with Jess, and Sally sets Harry up with Marie. What happens?
Harry falls for Marie, Sally falls for Jess
Harry falls for Marie, Sally and Jess can't stand each other
Sally falls for Jess, Harry and Marie can't stand each other
Neither of the set-up couples can stand each other
18. Shopping at the Sharper Image with Sally, Harry runs into his ex-wife Helen. Her new husband is with her. What is the fellow's name?
19. Jess and Marie have moved in with each other. They ask Harry and Marie to mediate a dispute about which household item?
Bar stools
Paintings of dogs playing poker
A coffee table
Spice racks
20. What famous cowboy is intoned in Harry's rant about the above-mentioned item?
Roy Rogers
Gene Autry
Clint Eastwood
John Wayne
21. "But Baby Fish Mouth is sweeping the nation." What was the correct answer to the Pictionary that Sally was trying to draw?
Exorcist baby
Baby talk
Planet of the Babies
Monkey see, monkey do
22. Harry dates a woman known to the public as Aunt Emily. What does she do for a living?
She's a children's author
She a pastry chef
She's a kindergarten teacher
She's a a TV star
23. What event lead to Sally calling Harry over late one night, which lead to them sleeping together?
She learns her former boyfriend is getting married
Her father died
She was out with a girlfriend, whose daughter said "I spy a family"
Nothing - she was just lonely
24. Which romantic movie is referenced by Harry and Sally several times throughout the film?
From Here to Eternity
Summer of 42
Love Story
25. The morning after they slept together, Harry and Sally both:
Went to the same deli for breakfast
Were fired from their jobs
Called Marie/Jess
Bumped into an ex
26. Where do Harry and Sally have their big post-sleeping-together fight?
At a baseball game
At a ice skating rink
In a movie theatre lobby
At Jess and Marie's wedding reception
27. After their fight, Harry leaves Sally a number of phone messages. When she finally picks up, Harry has finished singing to the tune of what song?
Call Me
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
I Can See Clearly Now
The Girl from Ipanema
28. Harry and Sally finally reconcile on which holiday?
Valentine's Day
New Year's Eve
Christmas Eve
Flag Day
29. What is the notable ingredient in Harry and Sally's wedding cake?
Organic chocolate
30. The film is inter spliced with interviews with a number of older couples. Which of the below is not a description of one of the couples?
An Asian couple married for 55 years
A divorced couple that remarried 35 years after they were first married
A couple engaged for 40 years while the man was in prison, and who married after he was released
High school sweethearts that met 34 years after they moved away

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