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How Well Do You Know: Sense and Sensibility
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Sense and Sensibility

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1. In the first act why are the Dashwood women relocating?
Their house burned down.
Going to London for the Season.
They want to take the waters at Bath.
Their half-brother and his wife are taking over the Estate.
2. This well-known Brit actor appears early on in a cameo as the dying father:
Jim Broadbent
Tom Wilkinson
Anthony Hopkins
Ian McKellan
3. This actor has fourth billing:
Kate Winslet
Hugh Laurie
Alan Rickman
Hugh Grant
4. The Dashwood sisters are named:
Elizabeth, Jane, Lydia
Elinor, Marianne, Margaret
Charlotte, Emily, Anne
Acton, Currer, Ellis
5. Upon moving in, the grasping Fanny requests the key to the:
The China Cabinet
The Liquor Cabinet
The Silver Cabinet
The Medicine Cabinet. No - the one with the REAL good stuff.
6. Edward first impresses Elinor by not taking over one of the family rooms and bunking down in the stables. Who got to keep her room?
Mrs. Dashwood
7. If Edward had his druthers, this would be his career of choice:
8. This character seriously does not want Elinor and Edward to form an attachment:
John Dashwood
9. Sir John and his mother in law Mrs. Jennings have an abundance of these animals underfoot:
10. He falls for Marianne the moment he first sees her singing and playing the pianoforte. He is:
Sir John Middleton
Robert Ferrars
John Willoughby
Colonel Christopher Brandon
11. Edward is unable to visit Barton Cottage as promised. He sends this along with his regrets:
A painting
An Atlas
A puppy
12. Which of Shakespeare's Sonnets does Willoughby recite partially from memory?
29 - When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes, I all alone beweep my outcast state
130 - My mistress' eyes are nothing like the Sun
18 - Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
116 - Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments
13. This character has been secretly engaged to Edward for five years:
Marianne Dashwood
Charlotte Palmer
Lucy Steele
Sophia Grey
14. After Willoughby treats Marianne abruptly at the party, upsetting her greatly, Mrs. Jennnings decides to give Marianne a gift of what?
Sheet Music
15. Continuity Error? Lucy is holding something when she tells Fanny a great secret. In the ensuing brouhaha, you can no longer see what Lucy was holding. What was it?
A book
A puppy
16. The actor in this role would later go on to marry Emma Thompson and have a child with her (and not necessarily in that order):
John Dashwood
Mr. Palmer
Colonel Brandon
17. This actor's character spends the entire film rudely yet hilariously contradicting everything his wife says:
Alan Rickman
Hugh Laurie
Greg Wise
Hugh Grant
18. Who wrote the screenplay?
Helen Fielding
Richard Curtis
Emma Thompson
Nick Hornby
19. Total number of Academy Award Nominations for the Dashwood Sisters (at this writing):
20. His character celebrates his wedding at the end of the film:
Alan Rickman
Hugh Grant
Greg Wise
Colin Firth

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