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How Well Do You Know: You Only Live Twice
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You Only Live Twice Quiz

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You Only Live Twice opens with an unidentified spacecraft interfering with a US space capsule by:
jamming its radar so it lands in the wrong location
short-circuiting its controls so it floats into space
ramming it
swallowing it whole
Bond's first appearance finds him in bed with a Chinese lady, who promises to give him very best:
sweet and sour
chow mein
Bond is assassinated while still in bed, before the opening credits. One of the policemen who finds the body comments:
"At least he died on the job"
"He died the way he lived"
"A shame he couldn't keep it up"
"That's the way I want to go"
Bond's assassination is revealed to be a fake so Bond can go undercover to Japan to investigate. Moneypenny provides Bond with a code phrase to identify himself, which is:
"You are very beautiful"
"I love you"
"I know a cheap hotel nearby"
"Will you take tea with me?"
Bond makes contact with the Japanese secret service agent Aki at:
a sushi train restaurant
a sumo wrestling match
a tea house
a Zen shrine
Aki takes him to MI6's man in Tokyo, Henderson, who has
a hook for a hand
an eyepatch
a wooden leg
a tin bladder
Henderson has a stash of Russian vodka. Where does he get it from?
a contact in the yakuza
a French double-agent he is blackmailing
his KGB counterpart - he trades it for Napoleon brandy
the doorman at the Russian embassy, amongst other things
Bond is introduced to Tanaka, the head of the Japanese Secret Service. Tanaka's nickname is:
According to Bond (who is very much mistaken), what is the correct temperature to serve sake?
98.4 degrees Fahrenheit
98.6 degrees Fahrenheit
99 degrees Fahrenheit
100 degrees Fahrenheit
Tanaka informs Bond that in Japan:
women are as lustful as they are sexyful
women and men bathe together
men always come first, women come second
a beautiful woman is a treasure to be prized and carefully groomed
Bond goes to meet Mr Osato, the head of a local industrial conglomerate. According to his social secretary Miss Brandt, Osato believes in:
a strong heart
a healthy chest
a stout stomach
a fighting spirit
Leaving Osato's headquarters, Bond is followed by a carload of assassins. How are they disposed of?
they are unable to keep up with Bond and drive into an ornamental garden
with the anti-tank missiles in Aki's sporty Toyota convertible
a remote-controlled direction sign sends them off a cliff
they are dumped into Tokyo Bay by a helicopter with a giant magnet
The head of the Japanese secret service is a very powerful man, as evidenced by his private bath-house and:
underground railroad
nuclear bunker
full-service bar
Bond goes reconnoitering for SPECTRE's secret base in a tiny helicopter (actually, an autogyro) called:
Tiny Sue
Wee Bess
Little Nelly
Teeny Lizzie
SPECTRE's secret base is revealed to be:
in a medieval castle
inside a hollowed-out volcano
under the sea
in outer space
SPECTRE boss Ernst Stavro Blofeld has a pet:
pot-bellied pig
Miss Brandt is punished for failing to kill Bond. Her punishment is:
to be beheaded with a samurai sword
to be thrown into a pit of lava
to be eaten alive by pirhanas
to be chopped up and fed to Blofeld's cat
Aki is poisoned by a SPECTRE assassin trying to kill Bond. The poison was delivered by:
a plate of oysters
a thread of string
a bottle of sake
a blowpipe dart
After being disguised as a very unconvincing Japanese, graduating from ninja school and taking a wife, Bond goes undercover as a:
rice farmer
coal miner
insurance salesman
Although it is never said in the film, the name of Bond's Japanese "wife" is:
Lovely Honda
Honey Kawasaki
Kissy Suzuki
Smoochie Toyota
Bond infiltrates the SPECTRE base but is captured after he is caught impersonating
a security guard
a technician
a monorail driver
an astronaut
After facing Blofeld for the first time, Bond quickly causes trouble by firing a miniature rocket hidden inside a:
After Bond ruins Blofeld's plans, Blofeld says: "This is the price of failure, Mr Bond." What does he do next?
shoots Bond
shoots Tanaka
shoots Osato
shoots himself
Blofeld pulls the self-destruct button on the volcano base. Bond and Kissy escape, but their make-out session is interrupted by:
a helicopter with a rope ladder
a Royal Navy destroyer
a submarine
a pesky cormorant
Bonus Question: You Only Live Twice was the first Bond movie to depart significantly from the Fleming book, in which Bond finds Blofeld living in Japan, operating:
a germ warfare laboratory
a brain-washing centre
a training school for terrorists
a garden of death, where people come to commit suicide

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