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How Well Do You Know: Tropic Thunder
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Tropic Thunder quiz

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1. Satan's Alley was the winner of what award?
Bombay's Golden Cow
Beijing's Crying Monkey
Palme D'Or
Tokyo's Sterling Grasshopper
2. What product is not one of Alpa's main sources of income referenced in the movie?
Gold chains
Energy Bar
Energy Drink
3. What is Tugg's main challenge during the filming of the movie-within-a-movie?
Tivo won't record his favorite show
He keeps forgetting his lines
He can't seem to cry on cue
The crew keeps adjusting the lighting during filming
4. Who starred with Tugg in 'Chitlin' and the Dude'?
Chris Tucker
Martin Lawrence
Tom Cruise
Eddie Murphy
5. What movie did Tugg's agent Rick include in his gift basket?
The Queen
Brokeback Mountain
6. Whose yelling alerts the enemy to the group's presence in the jungle?
7. Jeff's main source of agony in Tropic Thunder is that:
He is going through drug withdrawal
The "Fatties" franchise is doing poorly
Kevin has more lines in the movie within a movie
He is being made to do his own stunts
8. Cody the pyro guy "wasn't in the war, per se", although he did lose an appendage. How did he lose his finger?
Mishap during filming of "Driving Miss Daisy"
Drunken bar fight
4th of July fireworks display gone horribly wrong
Mishap on the set of "Saving Private Ryan"
9. Lazarus says he will finally break out of character...
When preparing for his next role
At the wrap party
During DVD commentary
After the Oscars, while making his acceptance speech
10. Poor Kevin, nobody seems to remember his last name. What IS Kevin's last name?
11. Kirk is finally able to distract Tugg and grab the map away from him by discussing:
Going 'full-retard'
The director's expectations
His workout regimen
His admiration of the Scorcher series
12. What does Kevin ramble on about during the group's trek back to the drop zone?
480p vs. 1080i resolutions
Blu-Ray vs. Hi-def
PS3 vs. Xbox 360
Mac vs. PC
13. What is Tugg watching on his iPod while stuck in the jungle?
Simple Jack
Star Wars
Star Trek
14. Lt. Tayback's service record consisted of:
Multiple tours in Vietnam
Fetching coffee for Admirals in the Navy
Mall recruiter for the National Guard
Garbageman in the Coast Guard
15. "I killed the thing I love most in the world!" What does Rick initially think Tugg is referring to?
A panda
Director Damien Cockburn
A prostitute
A kitten
16. Rick is worried that Tugg is:
Looking for a new agent
In mortal danger
On PETA's top ten list
Ruining the filming of Tropic Thunder
17. Kirk tries 'bonding' with Alpa by quoting the theme to what show?
All in the Family
Good Times
The Jeffersons
What's Happening
18. Tugg is initially spared more violence and/or death because:
He offers Flaming Dragon his Tivo
Flaming Dragon is a big fan of 'Simple Jack'
Rick talked Les into paying the ransom
He convinced Flaming Dragon he knows about the military unit tracking his whereabouts
19. Who was the only cast member to do any military preparation before filming?
20. Les Grossman is the head of what company?
United Artists
Imagifilm Pictures
Imagicorp Pictures
Surico Films
21. Les tries bribing Rick into leaving Tugg to die in the hands of the enemy with what?
G-5 aircraft
Lots of women
A fleet of high dollar sports cars
Partial ownership of Grossman's company
22. Tugg gives this nickname to the little boy who presents him with the Oscar made of twigs:
Short Round
23. The one cast member unwilling to go along with the plan to rescue Tugg is:
24. What prevents the group from meeting a bloody and explosive demise in the helicopter?
A copy of 'Simple Jack'
"Twigman", the Oscar made from sticks
Tayback's hook-hand
A Tivo
25. How many Oscars did "Tropic Blunder" win?
26. Who did not make an appearance in 'Tropic Thunder'?
Owen Wilson
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jason Bateman
Tyra Banks

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