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How Well Do You Know: The Thomas Crown Affair
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The Thomas Crown Affair quiz

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1. As the film opens, Crown is talking to:
His mother
A police detective
A therapist
A paramedic
2. The painting that Crown steals from the museum is by which artist?
3. In robbing the painting, Crown uses two of which item?
Pneumatic drill
4. Why could the museum's video security not see Crown during the theft of the painting?
Power to the cameras has been cut
The thermal imaging was overcome because the air in the exhibit was so hot
Crown timed his movements to coincide with the rotation of the video cameras
Crown has the power of invisibility
5. To create a diversion so that he can steal the painting, Crown involved a large crew of Romanian thieves. How did they get into the museum?
Through an air shaft
Through the front door
By tunneling into the museum vault
Inside a hollow statue of a house
6. What is Catherine's last name?
7. Catherine works for:
An insurance company
The museum
8. Catherine observes Crown crash a very expensive:
Race car
Air plane
9. What was Catherine's first clue that Crown was involved with the robbery?
She found his fingerprints at the museum
She had suspected him from an earlier robbery she had worked
He had previously bid on a Monet
She found his monogrammed briefcase at the museum
10. What gesture did Crown make to the museum?
He offered a reward for recovery of the stolen painting
He loaned the museum a painting from his own collection
He promised to solve the case himself
He threw a fundraising ball
11. How does Catherine gain entrance into Crown's house to search for the painting?
She steals and copies his keys
She bribes the domestic staff
She obtains a search warrant
She sleeps with Crown
12. Catherine believes that she has recovered the Monet, but the police discover that it's a forgery painted on top of another painting. What work was the forgery painted on?
The Last Supper
A Saturday Evening Post cover
Dogs at Cards
Elvis at the Tropicana
13. After discovering the forgery, Catherine meets Crown at a Black and White ball. What is notable about her dress?
It's bright red
It's hiding a wire
It's essentially see-through
It's a garish floral print
14. In the first question, we asked who Thomas Crown was talking to. The answer, of course, is a therapist. What is notable about the person who plays the therapist?
The same person played Catherine
The actress was the mother of the film's director
The actress also appeared in the original version of The Thomas Crown Affair
The actress died during filming
15. After they sleep together for the first time, Crown lets Catherine operate what type of vehicle?
An antique car
A glider
A hot air balloon
A steam locomotive
16. While she and Crown were on the island, Catherine destroys a crated Renoir. How does she destroy the painting?
She throws it off a cliff
She burns it
She throws it in the ocean
She crushes it by driving over it in a Jeep
17. Why are a painting's borders photographed?
It helps prove a forger was in the presence of the original
They are tagged with an anti-theft chip
They glow green when exposed to X-rays
They are water-resistant
18. When Catherine suspects Crown of preparing to go away with Anna (the blonde he is frequently seen with), he pledges:
That he loves Catherine
That he will return the Monet to the museum
That he will never steal again
That he will turn himself in to the police
19. What is Anna's relationship to Crown?
She is his ex-fiance
She is his step daughter
He is her guardian
She is his goddaughter
20. Aside from the Monet, which famous painting figures prominently in the movie, especially during the chase in the museum at the end of the film?
Degas's The Belleli Family
Titian's The Death of Actaeon
Magrite's The Son of Man
Picasso's Guernica
21. Why can the police not track Crown when he returns to the museum to return the painting?
There are dozens of similarly dressed men
The video cameras fail
He never actually enters the museum
Like we said before: invisibility
22. What simple implement does Crown use to reveal the return of the Monet at the end of the film?
A briefcase
A pencil
A screwdriver
A plastic spoon
23. In addition to the Monet being returned, the police realize that:
Another painting has been stolen
The Monet has been significantly damaged
A large amount of cash has been left behind in the exhibit
The museum's alarm system has been compromised
24. Crown had told Catherine to meet him at:
The Wall Street Heliport
Grand Central Station
JFK airport
The Central Park Zoo
25. The film ends with Catherine and Crown:
In jail together
On a plane together
On different continents
Playing chess

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