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How Well Do You Know: Mamma Mia! (Easier Version)
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Mamma Mia! quiz

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1. Sophie's fiance has what weather-related name?
2. Who sings Dancing Queen along with Donna?
Rosie and Tanya
Tanya and Bill
Rosie and Sophie
3. Sophie has a talent which Sam encourages her to develop. What is it?
Tap dancing
4. What do the numbers Dancing Queen and Lay All Your Love on Me have in common?
Both include a large number of people dancing on a dock
Both are set at least partially indoors
Donna sings in both numbers
Both numbers take place at night
5. "For one night, and one night only, the world's first girl power band....Donna and the:"
Dirty old Broads
Dancing Queens
6. What is the clue that Bill might be Sophie's father?
They both have a half of a locket
They bear a striking physical resemblance
The money Donna used to buy the inn came from Bill's aunt
They have the same last name
7. Benny Andersson from ABBA has a cameo in the film as:
A bartender
A handyman
A ship captain
A piano player
8. Who is Sophie's father?
No one really knows
9. The action in the film takes place over two days. What is the first number performed on the second day?
Super Trouper
Slipping Through My Fingers
10. Dropping in on the guys on the boat, Rosie is surprised to see Bill:
Kissing Sophie on the forehead
Revealing his bare backside
Baking the wedding cake
In a fistfight with Sam
11. The movie is set on an island off of:
South Africa
12. Who sings I Have a Dream as the film opens?
13. Donna's romantic summer encounters with the men are revealed as Sophie reads from her mother's diary in which number?
Honey, Honey
Our Last Summer
The Winner Takes It All
14. Rosie has written a best-selling:
Trashy romance
Travel book
Children's book
15. What happens at the end of Money, Money, Money?
The courtyard cracks
Donna sees Sam for the first time
The hotel is hit by lightning
A storm blows in
16. How does Donna meet the men after they arrive together on the island?
She meets them on the dock
She runs into them at the wedding chapel
She falls through the ceiling of the goathouse
She sees them at the bar
17. What musical item belonging to Sam does Donna still have?
A harp
A ukulele
A guitar
18. Who ultimately gets married during the movie?
Sophie & Sky and Donna & Sam
Sophie & Sky only
Donna & Sam only
No one
19. Why is it unlikely that Harry would not form a romantic attachment to Donna?
He can't forgive her for breaking his heart
She can't forgive him for breaking his heart
She reminds him too much of his widow
He's gay
20. What unusual conveyance does Sophie take to the wedding chapel?
A horse-drawn sled
A pogo stick
A donkey
She is carried by the men of the village
21. During Slipping Through My Fingers, Donna is:
Watching Sophie walk down the aisle
Looking through a scrapbook of pictures of her and Sophie
Helping Sophie get ready for the wedding
Watching Sophie sail away on a boat
22. Who walks Sophie down the aisle at the wedding?
23. Who leaves by boat together at the end of the film?
Donna and Sam
Tanya and Rosie
Sophie and Sky
Sam, Harry and Bill
24. Of the male leads, who sings the most in the film?
None of them sing any of the songs
25. In what capacity was Sophie's fiancee attempting to help Donna with the inn?
He was designing a web site
He was a handyman
He handled the finances
He managed the front desk

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