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How Well Do You Know: Veronica Mars, Season 1
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Wow! I got 24/25!
TreasureHunterGirl 8/11/10 6:13 pm


1. Who killed Lilly Kane?
Aaron Echolls
Duncan Kane
Jake Kane
2. The show's creator shares a name with the frontman of what band?
Counting Crows
Matchbox 20
Sum 41
Green Day
3. Who did not make a guest appearance in the first season?
Joey Lauren Adams
Alyson Hannigan
Lisa Rinna
Wilmer Valderrama
4. Which is not true about the Camelot motel?
It was where Jake Kane met Veronica's mother
It was where the undercover ATF agent was staying
It was where Lilly, Duncan, Veronica and Logan went after homecoming
It was where Veronica and Logan kissed for the first time
5. At whose party did Veronica think she was raped?
Shelly Pomeroy
Caitlin Ford
Meg Manning
Wanda Varner
6. What is the nickname of the Netpune High sports teams?
7. The rich kids in Netpune are known as what?
The 09'ers
The Sweater Vests
The Swells
8. Weevil's grandmother worked for which family as a housekeeper?
9. What is Weevil's real first name?
10. The drugs smuggled into the US from Mexico inside the pinata were:
11. What is 0227?
The combination to Keith's safe
The last digits of Veronica's Social Security number
The code for the Silicon Mafia's security system
All of the above
12. Who performs the show's theme song?
The Dandy Warhols
The Bodeans
Better than Ezra
Fatboy Slim
13. The Mars have a Christmas tree ornament for what team?
The Clippers
The Padres
The Dodgers
The Raiders
14. What is the first name of the lawyer who frequently has dealings with Veronica and her father?
15. What was the total pot for the poker game that Weevil won?
16. What was the unusual connection between Mac and Madison Sinclair?
They were twin sisters
They were switched at birth
They were fathered by Aaron Echolls
They both have half of the same locket
17. What song did Veronica sing at Karoke to the Tritons?
One Way or Another
Rock the Kasbah
Private Eyes
Every Breath You Take
18. "We used to be friends...a long time ago." Veronica says this about whom?
Meg Manning
Lilly Kane
Duncan Kane
Yolanda Hamilton
19. What was the spring dance called?
Risky Business
Time after Time
Hands Across Neptune
Total Eclipse of the Heart
20. Neptune High's mascot is what type of animal?
21. Who was Amelia DeLongpre?
Logan's sister
The daughter of Abel Kootz
Clarence Weidman's secretary
The guidance counselor at Neptune High
22. What was in the dryer?
The shirt Lilly was wearing when she was killed
Celeste Kane's nightgown
A bloody towel
A soccer jersey
23. Wallace says that his father:
Is dead
Is in jail
Divorced Wallace's mother before he was born
Is the Neptune High basketball coach
24. Which is not a case that Veronica solves?
The kidnapping of a rap mogul's daughter
The intimidation of the class valedictorian
Who was threatening Aaron Echolls
Who was distributing bogus purity tests
25. Where did Keith find Duncan after he ran away?
Los Angeles

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