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How Well Do You Know: Do the Right Thing
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Do the Right Thing Quiz

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1. To which rap anthem does Tina dance as the opening credits play (it's also the song that constantly plays on Radio Raheem's boom box)?
Fight the Power
Mama Said Knock You Out
The Breaks
Rapper's Delight
2. The film takes place in which NYC neighborhood?
Union Square
Cypress Hills
3. Who in the film wears "Love" and "Hate" four-fingered rings?
Mister Senor Love Daddy
Radio Raheem
Da Mayor
4. Mookie wears a jersey of what baseball player?
Ernie Banks
Bobby Bonds
Frank Robinson
Jackie Robinson
5. Which future comedian/sit-com star had a small role in the film as Cee?
Bernie Mac
Martin Lawrence
Cedric the Entertainer
Ray Ramano
6. Which character objected to there being "no brothers up there on the wall" at Sal's?
Da Mayor
Buggin Out
Radio Raheem
7. Which character advised Mookie to "always do the right thing"?
Da Mayor
Mother Sister
8. The film takes place on the hottest day of the year. What do the neighborhood residents do to cool off?
Go to the movies
Turn the fire hydrants on in the streets
Stand in the freezers at the grocery store
Steal air conditioners
9. Buggin Out becomes infuriated when:
Someone runs over his sneakers with a bike
His gold necklace is stolen
Mookie is late delivering his pizza
A man on the street claims that Roger Clemens is a better pitcher than Dwight Gooden
10. What is the ethnicity of the family that runs the neighborhood grocery store?
Puerto Rican
11. Da Mayor is frustrated when the grocery store does not carry this, his favorite brand of beer:
Miller Lite
Miller High Life
12. In a conversation with between Mookie and Pino, we learn that the latter's favorite basketball, movie and music stars are:
Larry Bird, Harrison Ford and Frank Sinatra
Bill Walton, Robert DeNiro and Bob Marley
Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy and Prince
Michael Jordan, Al Pacino and Perry Como
13. Who tries to organize a boycott of Sal's pizzeria?
Da Mayor
Buggin Out
14. Mother Sister does not think of Da Mayor, yet he is sweet on her. What gift does Da Mayor bring her?
A can of Miller High Life
A bicycle pump
The Sunday paper
A vase of roses
15. Sal obviously has a thing for Mookie's sister. What is her name?
16. What heroic act does Da Mayor perform?
Tracks down the owner of a wallet left at the grocery store
Pays for pizza for a girl who has no money
Stops a robbery at the grocery store
Saves a boy from being run over by a car
17. On one of his extended deliveries, Mookie meets up with Tina. While they don't make love, he uses what object to seduce her?
A slice of pizza
An ice cube
A corkscrew
A jar of honey
18. What events sparks the riot?
Pino throws Buggin Out out of Sal's
Sal fires Mookie
Sal smashes Radio Raheem's boom box
The neighborhood kids break into Sal's after it is closed
19. Who is killed in the riot?
Da Mayor
Mother Sister
Radio Raheem
20. How does s/he die?
21. Who throws a garbage can through the window of Sal's?
Buggin Out
Da Mayor
22. Which is not true of the riot?
Sal's is burned
Da Mayor gives haven to Sal and his sons
The police arrive and use hoses on the rioters
The grocery store is desstroyed
23. Which character in the film carries with him a photo of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr?
Radio Raheem
Buggin Out
24. What two words are written on the walls outside the radio station?
We Love
Play Fair
Heat Wave
Martin Malcolm
25. Spike Lee received an Oscar nomination for Original Screenplay. Who among the cast recieved an Oscar nomination for an acting category?
Spike Lee
John Turturro
Danny Aiello
Ossie Davis

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