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How Well Do You Know: Scrubs, Season Eight: Part I
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Scrubs Season 8 quiz

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1. My Jerks: At the top of the new season, Scrubs references its network jump from NBC to ABC when J.D. points to the ABC logo on the bottom part of the screen and says, "Huh, that's new." In actuality, he's pointing at something Janitor has. What?
His peacock
His remote
His ring
His watch
2. My Jerks: Courteney Cox becomes Sacred Heart's new chief of medicine. What is she afraid of?
Red balloons
3. My Jerks: During her first day, Dr. Maddox actually fires Janitor. What does she take from him after she walks him out the door?
His broom
His name tag
His universal key
His uniform
4. My Last Words: J.D. and Turk discontinue their "bro-mantic" tradition when they decide to stick around the hospital with George Valentine, a terminal patient who will probably die in the night. What food were they looking forward to eating?
Hot dogs
5. My Last Words: J.D. promises George a beer. However, he ends up buying a little more at the convenience store after he thinks the clerk is judging his one beer purchase. So, J.D. also buys a pack of condoms and what else?
A flair gun
6. My Last Words: J.D., Turk and George are talking about heaven when Carla's name comes up. In his head, what does J.D. think heaven with Carla will be like?
It'll be outstanding
It'll be good
It'll be just OK
7. My Saving Grace: What does Dr. Veronica Simmons do that annoys Elliot to no end?
Repeat her name over and over again
Study way too hard
Wear the same thing as Elliot
Show up late to work
8. My Saving Grace: Jordan points to her boobs and says to Elliot, "These puppies? They pay for themselves." Why?
Attractive guys constantly try to hit on her
Her boss gave her a promotion for her cleavage
Dr. Cox is turned on by them
She's uses them to get free candy at the hospital snack bar
9. My Saving Grace: Dr. Kelso says he will help Dr. Cox get rid of the new chief of medicine. But what must Dr. Cox do before Dr. Kelso helps out?
Kiss the new chief
Say he misses Dr. Kelso
Promote J.D.
Purchase him coffee to go with all his free muffins
10. My Happy Place: Dr. Cox says Turk is his best surgeon, but later admits that it doesn't really mean much. Dr. Cox compares being Sacred Heart's best surgeon to being the best cast member of what show?
The Hills
Gossip Girl
My Super Sweet 16
11. My Happy Place: By the end of the episode, it appears like J.D. and Elliot are together again. Who is responsible for getting them seriously talking to each other again?
Dr. Cox
Dr. Kelso
Dr. Maddox
12. "My ABC's": Characters from what kids television show invade Sacred Heart. (Well, at least in J.D.'s mind they do).
Howdy Doody
Sesame Street
Blue's Clues
Eureka's Castle
13. "My ABC's": Dr. Cox pairs himself with intern Ed, but later regrets the decision because he figures out that he kinda hates him. By the end of the episode, Dr. Cox figures out why he hates the guy. Why?
He's loud
He reminds him of J.D.
He's lazy
He's too short
14. "My ABC's": Turk originally chooses this intern to be on his academic team.
15. "My Cookie Pants": Elliot bakes _____ cookies for J.D., who eats them all in one sitting.
16. "My Cookie Pants": With Dr. Maddox gone at the hospital's chief of medicine, who's offered the job?
Dr. Kelso
Dr. Cox
17. "My Cookie Pants": Stressing herself out over being in a new relationship with J.D., Elliot goes to _____ for some love advice.
18. "My New Role": Dr. Cox is meeting Dr. Kelso at his home in secret. What does he say he must bring with him (which he does) to keep it this way?
Ice cream
19. "My New Role": Janitor spends nearly the entire episode trying to hang a photo of _____ in Dr. Cox's new office.
Dr. Cox
Los Angeles
Sacred Heart
20. "My Lawyer's In Love": Ted falls in love at first sight with Stephanie Gooch. What instrument does she play?
The harp
The harpsicord
The ukulele
The chimes
21. "My Lawyer's In Love": The Blanks sing two songs in the episode. One is "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas. The other is _____ by Blue Oyster Cult.
"Burnin' for You"
"Take Me Away"
"(Don't Fear) The Reaper"
22. "My Lawyer's In Love": Dr. Cox fires an intern for not studying hard enough. Who?
23. "My Absence": Denise uses _____ as "bait" for fat guys.
A muffin
A hamburger
A lollipop
24. "My Absence": Carla thinks she pregnant. If it turns out to be true, how many children will her and Turk then have?
25. "My Absence": Who seems to be the only person excited about Turk and Carla's possible baby? (Hint: She later rescinds her excitement when she finds out it isn't the couples' first child).

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