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How Well Do You Know: Better Off Dead
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where are the answers
Laurel 5/9/10 9:52 am


1. While making excuses to the paper boy, what does Lane say his grandmother did?
Hijacked a bus of penguins
Fell down and couldn't get up
Went to a wedding, where she rapped
Adopted a foreign exchange student
2. How long has Charles De Mar been going to high school?
Two years
Three years and a semester
Five years too long
Seven and a half years
3. Where did one of the Japanese, car-racing brothers learn to speak English?
Sesame Street
Wide World of Sports
Falcon Crest
Star Wars
4. What kind of car does Lane have under a tarp?
'67 Camaro
'78 Firebird
'72 Corvette
'65 Mustang
5. What does Lane's mother give him for Christmas?
A football
New skis
TV dinners
A pink bunny suit
6. Which of the following people do *not* ask Lane if it's okay if they ask Beth for a date?
Barney Rubble
The mailman
Mr. Kerber
Ricky Smith
7. When the cheeseburgers are dancing, what band's song is playing in the background?
Pink Floyd
Simple Minds
Van Halen
Modern English
8. What is the name of the captain of the ski team, Lane's nemesis?
Douglass Niedermeyer
Roy Stalin
John Bender
Ted Farmer
9. The guy who played the owner of Pig Burger also appeared in which raunchy teen film?
Just One of the Guys
Animal House
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
10. What famous comedian dubbed in the voice of the Japanese kid doing Howard Cosell?
Rich Little
Billy Crystal
Dana Carvey
Joe Piscopo
11. Why does Lane tell Ricky that 'he's real sorry'?
That he's such a dork
That Ricky's mom blew up
That Monique likes Lane better
That Ricky doesn't know how to ski
12. What is the name of Lane's brother?
13. What is Monique’s favorite baseball team?
New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox
Chicago Cubs
Brooklyn Dodgers
14. What musical instrument does Lane play?
15. Who does Chris Cummins date?
Roy Stalin
Charles De Mar
The basketball team
Mr. Kerber
16. What is the dangerous mountain where Lane races against Roy?
17. Which item does Lane’s mother not serve at dinner?
French bread
French dressing
18. What part of the house does Lane’s father have constant trouble with?
The basement
The bathroom
The garage door
The attic
19. What do both Monique and Charles De Mar tell Lane to do if something gets in his way?
Kick its ass
Mow it down
20. What book does Badger, Lane’s brother, get through the mail?
How to Be Smarter Than Your Older Brother
How to Pick Up Trashy Women
Skiing for Dummies
War and Peace

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