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How Well Do You Know: Ghost Town
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Ghost Town quiz

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1. At the top of the movie, Greg Kinnear's character, Frank Herlihy, dies. How?
An A/C unit falls on him
He gets hit by a bus
He gets struck by lightning
He dies on impact after falling from a cliff
2. Ricky Gervais' character, Bertram Pincus, works in what profession?
3. Bertram skips out on an office party. What are his colleagues celebrating?
A birthday
A job promotion
A baby shower
A wedding
4. After Bertram's surgery, he can see dead people. Who's the first person he sees?
A naked man
A helpless mother
A woman in a nurse cap
5. Bertram thinks the dead people he's seeing are really what?
Really dead people
6. The doctors finally admit to Bertram that during his surgery, he was pronounced dead for about how long?
Three minutes
Five minutes
Seven minutes
Ten minutes
7. One of the doctors says _____ is to blame for Bertram's alleged death on the operating table.
Bad lighting
An inexperienced doctor
The anesthesia
Bertram's poor diet
8. Betram gets closer to Téa Leoni's character, Gwen, by helping her to inspect what?
An old art collection
A fossil
A mummy
9. Bertram jokes that a former girlfriend of his, Sarah, killed herself. How?
She stabbed herself
She drowned herself
She ate herself
10. Bertram almost barfs up a lung because of a pungent smell in Gwen's apartment. It's a mix of an air freshener and what?
Her cat
Her dog
Her boyfriend's cologne
11. What is Gwen's favorite drink?
Sapphire martini
Tom Collins
Long Island iced tea
Screaming Orgasm
12. To get Richard to talk about Gwen, Bertram forces him to inhale what?
Carbon dioxide
Nitric oxide
Pure oxygen
13. Richard originally goes to see Bertram at his office because he has a problem with his teeth. What?
A cracked tooth
A cracked fill-in
He needs his molars removed
Bleeding gums
14. Gwen is flirting with the idea of taking a six-month job in what country?
15. During a sweet moment outside, Bertram tangibly shows his affection for Gwen by giving her what?
A watch
A keychain
A necklace
A ring
16. Gwen thinks Bertram shares some connection with her ex-husband, Frank, because he does or says a number of things that reminds her of Frank. Which of the following does NOT remind Gwen of her ex-husband?
A certain "look"
An aspiration to go on a safari
A similar drink order
An interest in Peruvian gold
17. To prove to Gwen that her ex-husband is present, Bertram must ask him a question that only Frank would know the answer to. In the ensuing conversation, Frank lies about a recurring dream he had where he thinks he's dying. In the dream, what causes his death?
A bear eats him
He's endlessly falling
He drowns
He gets shot
18. Bertram nearly dies at the end of the movie. What happens that almost kills him?
An A/C unit falls on him
He gets hit by a bus
He gets struck by lightning
He dies on impact after falling from a cliff
19. This Beatles song marks one of the very few occasions where an original version of a Beatles song was used in a film.
"I'm Looking Through You"
"Honey Pie"
"In My Life"
"September in the Rain"
20. Ghost Town was written and directed by the same person. Who?
Jay Roach
Nancy Meyers
Michael McCullers
David Koepp

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