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How Well Do You Know: The Hunt for Red October
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The Hunt for Red October quiz

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1. At the beginning of the movie, Ryan has to fly to Washington to discuss some photos of a mysterious Soviet submarine, the Red October. What does his daughter Sally want him to bring back for her?
A teddy bear
A pony
A baby brother
2. The actress who plays Jack Ryan's wife, Kathy, plays which character on Star Trek: The Next Generation?
Deanna Troy
Beverly Crusher
Ensign Ro Laren
3. Ramius, the captain of the Red October and most of his officers, plan to defect to the United States. How does the Soviet Navy learn of their plans?
They are able track the submarine's movements
The Soviet intelligence agent on the submarine, who gets a message out
Via a KGB mole in the CIA
Ramius writes to the head of the Russian navy to let him know
4. Which actor plays James Greer, the CIA's Deputy Director of Intelligence and Jack's mentor?
Morgan Freeman
David Carradine
Anthony Hopkins
James Earl Jones
5. The Red October has a super-secret silent drive, called
the 'caterpillar'
the 'rattlesnake'
the 'grasshopper'
the 'inchworm'
6. The political officer, who Ramius murders, is named:
7. The first American submarine to track the Red October is the USS…
8. The Soviets claim that Ramius has gone mad and is threatening to launch a first strike. Ryan doesn't believe this – he has previously encountered Ramius at:
A naval history lecture
His wife's funeral
An embassy dinner
A Tony Robbins seminar
9. What is a 'Crazy Ivan'?
It's when a submarine makes a sudden turn to see if there's anything behind it
It's when a submarine has to jump out of the water to avoid a torpedo
It's when the nuclear reactor breaks down for no discernible reason
It's when the sonar operator gets into the vodka and starts talking to the whales
10. Ryan tells Mancuso, the captain of the Dallas, that Ramius always makes a Crazy Ivan to starboard in the last half of the hour. How does he know this?
He's read Ramius' book
He's studied Ramius' tactics
Ramius told him at that embassy dinner
He doesn't. Ryan is stone-cold guessing
11. On sighting the Dallas through the periscope, how many pings does Ramius ask for in total?
One ping only
Fifty, to give those Americans a headache
12. Speaking about life in America, Borodin, played by Sam Neill, expresses a desire to live in:
New Jersey
13. How do the Red October officers get the crew off the submarine?
By faking a reactor leak
By faking a hull breach
By faking a fire drill
By faking an all-night beach raver on the submarine deck
14. Ryan and company arrive on the Red October and it turns out that Ramius has read Ryan's book about Admiral Halsey, The Fighting Sailor. What does Ramius think of it?
Ryan is an excellent researcher, but a poor writer
He liked it so much he brought a copy with him
Ryan's conclusions were all wrong – Halsey acted stupidly
He didn’t like how the lead character became president through a King Ralph scenario
15. Not so fast, defectors! Tupolev appears in the Konovalov and fires a torpedo. How does Ramius deal with it?
By deploying counter-measures
Through evasive maneuvers
By ramming it
Two words: Crazy Ivan
16. The Soviet intelligence agent on the Red October has a cover as a:
Sonar operator
Nuclear technician
Medical officer
17. Before escaping to the missile bay, the Soviet intelligence agent shoots and kills:
the Red October's first officer, Borodin (Sam Neill)
the Dallas' sonar operator Jonesy (Courtney Vance)
the Red October's medical officer Petrov (Tim Curry)
the Dallas' captain Bart Mancuso (Scott Glen)
18. Fill in the blank: "Most things around here don't react well to __________"
19. Which vessel is eventually sunk by the Konovalov's second torpedo?
The Red October
The Dallas
The Konovalov
The Pacific Princess
20. The Red October arrives safely in Maine and Ramius tells Ryan his motivation for defecting. What is it?
He blames the Soviet state for the death of his wife on the operating table
He is angry about political interference in the Soviet navy
Oppression of his fellow Lithuanians
He doesn't trust the Soviet government not to use the Red October as a first-strike weapon

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