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How Well Do You Know: WALL-E
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1. Andrew Stanton, the writer and director behind WALL-E, is a Pixar staple. Which of these titles was Stanton NOT responsible for writing?
Finding Nemo
Monster's, Inc.
A Bug's Life
2. Ecological strife is only one topic raised by the film. To address the excesses of consumerism, the ubiquitous company that helped pollute the Earth by meeting every material need of people was BnL. What does BnL stand for?
3. The always welcomed Fred Willard portrays Shelby Forthright in live action footage, which is a first time such footage was used in a Pixar film. What was Forthright's title?
Global CEO of BnL
President of the United States
The first Captain of the Axiom
WALL-E's inventor
4. After following WALL-E on his day at work, we see him take all of the following except what back to his 'home?'
Rubik's Cube
Hub cap
5. WALL-E makes the discovery of a plant, which proves that life can survive on Earth. Where does he find the plant?
Ice chest
Shoe box
6. Our lonely robotic hero is a big fan of what musical that he watches on his iPod and magnifier screen every night?
West Side Story
Hello Dolly!
Singin' in the Rain
Sound of Music
7. To solve the waste problems perpetuated by BnL, they introduce WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class). What was the advertised slogan for the WALL-E robot?
Cleaning up your messes
The answer to your life's waste
Working to dig you out
What you need to unclutter your life
8. WALL-E wasn't the only one with an appropriately-applied acronym name. What does EVE stand for?
Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator
Environment Verification Earth-class
Earthbound Validation Equipment
Experimental Vision Estimator
9. Here's an easy one. WALL-E is enamored with EVE who has a sleek design and fluid movements. What color were her eyes?
10. What unconventional place does WALL-E store his VHS copy of Hello, Dolly!?
Bread box
Lunch box
11. Just like any man, WALL-E tries to woo EVE with a flower...ok, it was a plant, but still pretty close. Unfortunately, that is her directive and EVE locks down after taking the plant. What does WALL-E use to guide her around while she is comatose?
Christmas lights
A shopping cart
A bridle
12. What Atari game does WALL-E play with a locked-down EVE during his continued courtship despite her unresponsiveness?
13. Following his cosmic ride atop the ship that retrieved EVE, WALL-E tracks dirt around the Axiom during the rest of the film. The cleaning robot that follows him throughout the ship shares a name with what Three Stooges cast member?
The bald, fat one
The curly-headed one
The one with the bowl haircut
The replacement
14. The portraits of the Axiom's previous captains illustrate the physical devolution of people, who are now rotund masses. What does the ship's computer say is a side effect of years of inactivity?
Fat expansion
Bone loss
Muscle atrophy
Joint disintegration
15. When EVE and WALL-E bring the plant to the Axiom as proof that Earth can sustain life, the ship is celebrating the ___ anniversary of the Axiom's 5-year cruise.
16. WALL-E is the future's answer to MacGyver in robot form. What does he use for propulsion through space?
Aerosol can
Helium tank
Fire extinguisher
Oxygen tank
17. Further implying the uselessness of people in life on the Axiom, according to the Captain, what is the only thing he actually gets to do?
Make the morning announcements
Steer the ship when AUTO is recharging
Sleep late
Decide the latest color for the hologram outfits
18. During the morning announcements, the Captain uses what adjective to describe the constant 72 degrees temperature?
19. What sound that's not quite a word does the Captain use when asked for voice authorization?
20. WALL-E's grand heroic gesture is to keep the holodeck open, so the plant can be placed there and return the ship to Earth. Where does this climatic scene happen?
Trash airlock
Cargo hold
Captain's room
Lido deck
21. Upon verification of plant life, the name of the operation that will return the Axiom to Earth is Operation what?
22. Which science fiction franchise alumni provides the calm, sultry voice of the ship's computer?
Linda Hamilton
Sigourney Weaver
Carrie Fisher
Carrie-Ann Moss
23. When they return to Earth, EVE tries desperately to make a newly repaired WALL-E remember everything and her. Which of these items from earlier in the movie does she NOT show WALL-E to spark memories?
Rubik's cube
Light Bulb
Hello, Dolly!
24. This former British band front man and solo artist sings the song Down to Earth over the credits.
Phil Collins
Peter Gabriel
Paul McCartney
25. While WALL-E was robbed of a Best Picture nomination and Andrew Stanton equally slighted for Best Director, WALL-E tied which film for most Oscar nominations (six) for an animated film?
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
The Lion King
Beauty and the Beast

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