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How Well Do You Know: Wanted
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1. According to the backstory, how long has the Fraternity of Assassins been around?
200 years
500 years
1,000 years
2,000 years
2. As an office drone, Wesley (James McAvoy) meanders through a dull life as which rather generic job title?
Sales representative
Account manager
Copy clerk
3. With references in this movie and Fight Club, which international company has become the unofficial sponsor of violent, profane anarchistic films? Hopefully, their PR hasn't made that connection.
Johnson and Johnson
Capital One
4. Barry, Wesley's best friend, drops his wallet during an indiscretion with Wesley's girlfriend. Later what does Wesley pay for at the pharmacy for Barry?
Funyuns and Stride gum
Peanut butter crackers and chapstick
Six-pack of beer
Energy drinks and a pack of Trojans
5. During his first encounter with the Fraternity, Wesley is involved in a high speed chase featuring the unbalanced dual between a red high performance sports car and:
A semi
A motorcycle
A delivery truck
6. Morgan Freeman's character as the leader of the Fraternity shares a name with which 1980's film character?
Chet's brother in Weird Science
Ferris Bueller's girlfriend
The "handle" of commanding officer at the Top Gun school
The lead singer for Spinal Tap
7. According to Sloan (did you get the previous question, right?), how many beats a minute does Wesley heart beat during one of his "anxiety attacks"?
8. The Fraternity is based out of what type of facility?
Textile factory
Paper mill
Slaughter house
9. Angelina Jolie's character is named after what predatory animal.
10. During his training, Wesley is repeatedly beat while being asked the question, "Why are you here?" What is his answer that final stops the pummeling?
I want to kill people.
I don't know.
I don't know who I am.
This is where TomTom sent me.
11. Which rapper is featured as a member of the Fraternity, known as "Gunsmith?"
Andre 3000
12. Fate is attributed with determining the assassination targets of the Fraternity. What is the ancient item is used to relay those names?
A loom
A scroll
13. Which of these American made cars is not involved in an action sequence in the movie?
Dodge Challenger
Dodge Viper
Ford Mustang
14. What does Fox use to interrupt the train gun fight between Wesley and Cross?
Emergency stop lever
A passenger
15. It is revealed that Wesley is actually related to whom?
16. Wesley's big plan to ambush the Fraternity at the end involves all of the following except:
Explosive rats
Peanut butter
A sniper rifle
Garbage truck
17. What was written across the last bullet that Fox uses?
The end
18. The summer of 2008 saw each of these Wanted actors star in another $100+ million grossing movie, except:
Morgan Freeman
Angelina Jolie
James McAvoy
Terence Stamp
19. The director of Wanted gained acclaim for directing:
A vampire franchise
Buddy-cop films
Oscar bait
Nothing. This was his first film.
20. Mark Millar, the graphic novel author upon which the movie is based, hails from the same hometown as which of the film's stars?
Terence Stamp
Angelina Jolie
Morgan Freeman
James McAvoy

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