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How Well Do You Know: Back to School
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1. The actor who played young Thornton at the beginning of the movie was a regular on what sitcom?
Small Wonder
Punky Brewster
The Wonder Years
2. What was the name of Thornton's chain of clothing stores?
Big & Tall
Tall & Fat
The Chubby Clothier
Miles O' Fabric
3. Jason tells Thornton at the beginning at the movie that he's on the diving team. Why is this a lie?
He's only the towel boy
He was kicked off the team
He is on the tennis team
He never tried out for the diving team
4. What was the name of the college that Jason attended?
Central State
Grand Lakes
Western Regent
5. When did Thornton used to dream about going to college?
When he was ogling cheerleaders watching college football on TV
When he was mowing lawns for a living
When he fell asleep in high school
When he was getting lectured by his father
6. Thornton bought his way into the university by donating what?
A gymnasium
A new football field
An international airport
A building for the business school
7. Thornton & Lou clear out the lines at registration by spreading a rumor that who is about to make an appearance?
Bruce Springsteen
Jon Bon Jovi
Motley Crue
Weird Al
8. After Thornton questions Barbay's proposal to make tape recorders, Barbay says the fictional company will make what?
9. Professor Turgeson opens his class by asking an interpretation of what?
Causes of the Civil War
Why America pulled troops out of Vietnam
Whether Truman was right in dropping the bomb on Japan
The decline of American productivity
10. The actress who plays Jason's girlfriend Valerie appeared on which Star Trek series?
Deep Space Nine
The Next Generation
11. Professor Turner begins her English class by reading a poem by whom?
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
12. Where did Thornton learn to dive?
Atlantic City
The Hamptons
At the public pool
13. What song does Thornton sing in the film?
Hound Dog
The Twist
Twist and Shout
14. Thornton has a terse phone conversation with what real-life writer?
Kurt Vonnegut
Arthur C. Clarke
John Grisham
Carl Hiaasen
15. What is the name of Jason's archenemy on the diving team?
16. What band plays at Thornton's party?
Nine Inch Nails
Bow Wow Wow
Oingo Boingo
Jane's Addiction
17. Lou says he has two sons. He put one through college. He put the other through what?
A wall
Dental school
A series of beatings
The 'Gauntlet'
18. At his oral exam, Barbay asks Thornton one question, in how many separate parts?
19. "I don't take sh!t from no one" is Thornton's interpretation of what poem?
Death be Not Proud
Suddenly Last Summer
Mending Wall
Do Not Go Gently into That Good Night
20. What is the name of the very difficult dive that Thornton does in the film?
The Double Doozy
The Bombardier
The Revenge of Louganis
The Triple Lindy

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