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How Well Do You Know: Night at the Museum
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Night at the Museum

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1. The film is set in which city, home to a number of notable museums?
New York
Los Angeles
Washington, DC
2. Why are Gus, Reginald and Cecil leaving their jobs as night watchmen?
They are all retiring
They are being laid off
They are moving to the mail room
They have been driven insane by the museum
3. What is the name of the small, mischievous monkey who resides in the Hall of African Mammals?
4. On Larry's first night alone in the museum, which happens first?
Teddy Roosevelt talks to Larry
The lion chases Larry
Larry realizes the dinosaur is missing
The monkey steals Larry's keys
5. What was the first instruction in the instruction manual?
Throw the bone
Shut off the lights
Turn around. Wait, don't turn around
Expect the unexpected
6. What foodstuff does the Easter Island head demand of Larry?
A carbonated fructose-based beverage
Pork ribs
7. Larry meets which legendary military figure in the museum?
Alexander the Great
Attila the Hun
Genghis Khan
Stonewall Jackson
8. With the arrival of which object in 1952 did the objects in the museum come to life at night?
The Lost Goblet of the Olmec
The Tablet of Akmenrah
The Laotian Sapphire
The Bronze Necklace of the Ancients
9. Teddy Roosevelt explains that if any of the artifacts are outside of the museum when the sun rises:
They will turn to dust
Roosevelt turns into a vampire
The nightwatchman/men will be fired
The museum will burst into flame
10. At first, Sacajawea cannot communicate with Larry. Why?
She has no ears
She doesn't understand English
She cannot hear through the glass
The monkeys have stolen her voice
11. Having survived his first night in the museum, Larry enlists whom to help him learn more about the museum's contents?
Rebecca, the docent
Cecil the former watchman
Dr. McPhee, the museum director
His son
12. Rebecca is writing a dissertation on which inhabitant of the museum?
Teddy Roosevelt
Attila the Hun
Christopher Columbus
13. Larry attempts to impress Attila the Hun:
By introducing him to Sacajawea
Through his control over the animals
With magic
With his martial arts skill
14. On the second night, Jedediah and the cowboys go to war with these people, who occupy the exhibit next to them:
Roman legions
Zulu tribesmen
Scottish clansmen
British redcoats
15. Who is caught outside of the museum when the sun rises?
A Neanderthal
A cowboy
An African warrior
Teddy Roosevelt
16. When Larry tells Rebecca what happens in the museum at night:
She says she already knows
She assumes that he's trying to impress her
She doesn't believe him
She reports him to the museum director
17. Gus, Reginald and Cecil want the Tablet because:
Of the riches it will bring them when they sell it
Their family members are being held for ransom
It brings them vitality
They want to exact revenge against the museum director for firing them
18. How can Akmenrah speak English?
He plays backgammon each Wednesday with Teddy Roosevelt
A TV above his sarcophagus airs CNN
He summered on the Thames
He spent many years on display at Cambridge
19. Larry keeps running into a statue that he cannot identify. Who is this famous historical figure?
Napoleon Bonaparte
Christopher Columbus
Benjamin Franklin
20. Who was cut in half when Cecil makes his escape in a stagecoach?
Attila the Hun
Teddy Roosevelt
The Easter Island head
21. With the guards defeated, who summons all of the exhibits back into the museum?
The Easter Island head
Attila the Hun
22. Larry is slapped numerous times in the film by:
23. Following the final night in the museum, news reports describe several odd happenings surrounding the museum. Which of the following was not among them?
Dinosaur tracks in the snow
Cave drawings in the subway
Neanderthals on top of the museum
An 19th century railroad encircling the museum
24. As the credits roll, Cecil, Reginald and Gus are shown:
Behind bars
Locked in Akmenrah's sarcophagus
Working as janitors
Being chased by a dinosaur skeleton
25. According to IMDB, which of the actors appeared in the film uncredited?
Owen Wilson
Mickey Rooney
Paul Rudd
Ricky Gervais

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