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How Well Do You Know: Dexter, Season Two: Part II
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Dexter Season 2 Quiz

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1. Episode seven: The city paper receives a 32-page manifesto from the alleged Bay Harbor Butcher. Who really sent out the manifesto?
Sgt. Doakes
2. Episode seven: After getting the staff at the paper to stall from printing the manifesto, Lundy allows them to publish the material. But under what condition?
That only half of the manifesto's 32 pages are printed
That the paper not reveal how they received the manifesto
That it doesn't contain the victims' names
That the paper not print the manifest word for word, but instead rephrase it
3. Episode seven: Angel figures out the manifesto is littered with what?
Sports scores
Literary references
Cracks at the police department
4. Episode seven: What finally makes Maria decide to put Sgt. Doakes on administrative absence?
Doakes admits to stalking Dexter
Doakes frames Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher
Doakes totals Dexter's car
Doakes beats up Dexter in the office
5. Episode seven: Because the Bay Harbor Butcher so easily creates confusion and chaos amongst the police department's staff, Lundy thinks that the killer's background is in what?
Law enforcement
Rocket science
6. Episode eight: While James is on probation, Maria mentions to him that she has a friend in this business, which she assumes James may be interested in pursuing.
Law enforcement
Beach patrol
Personal training
7. Episode eight: Deb tells Dexter that Lila is too pale for a person who allegedly lives in Miami. What does Deb think Lila is?
New to the area
A stay-at-home mom
A vampire
8. Episode eight: How does Santos Jiminez, the killer of Dexter's mom, know to find Dexter outside a bowling alley? (Hint: he later attacks Dexter with a knife).
Lila gave him the address
He traced Dexter back to Miami through evidence found in his establishment
His drug cartel told him where Dexter was
He made a lucky guess
9. Episode eight: James breaks into Dexter's apartment. What does he find?
Plastic wrap
His killing equipment
His blood samples in the A/C unit
A victim
10. Episode eight: Someone breaks into Rita's house, which prompts her to call Dexter for help. Who?
11. Episode nine: Doakes meets with someone in _____ to get Dexter's blood samples analyzed.
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
12. Episode nine: Lila pretends to work as a(n) _____ to get closer to Angel.
Interior decorator
Social worker
13. Episode nine: After coming in contact with Dexter's blood samples, who becomes Lundy's prime suspect?
Cpt. Matthews
14. Episode nine: Dexter locks Doakes in a cage. Where?
Doakes' home
An abadoned warehouse
Jimenez's cabin
At the station
15. Episode ten: While in the cage, Doakes tosses _____ over Jimenez's phone so that a returning Dexter wouldn't spot it. Unfortunately for Doakes, the phone rings in Dexter's presence and he confiscates it.
A baseball cap
His jeans
A water bottle
A shirt
16. Episode ten: Dexter tries smoothing things over with Rita by spending time with her and her kids at the beach. Who from the station accompanies them?
17. Episode ten: We learn Harry really didn't die of heart disease. How did he really die?
Accidental drug overdose
In the line of duty
Deb shot him
18. Episode eleven: Lila is admitted to the hospital after spending some time with Angel. Who is her emergency contact?
19. Episode eleven: Dexter and Doakes work together outside the cabin to kill who?
The Bay Harbor Butcher
Jimenez's friends
An alligator
20. Episode eleven: While Dexter is spending the afternoon with Rita and her kids on his boat, Lila breaks into his vehicle and steals what?
His blood samples
Rita's watch
His newcomer's pin
21. Episode eleven: When Dexter gives this to Rita, she more or less takes him back.
His minivan
His apartment
His gun
His leftover heroin
22. Episode eleven: Who shows up at Jimenez's cabin with a screaming Doakes confined inside?
23. Episode twelve: Who says they will attempt to cash in on Doakes' story by making a movie about him?
24. Episode twelve: Dexter is able to save Rita's children while inside Lila's burning apartment by sliding them through a broken window. Because Dexter can't fit through it himself, how does he end up escaping?
He runs through a wall
He runs through the locked door
He shatters more glass and squeezes through the window
He slides down a trapdoor
25. Episode twelve: Dexter tracks down Lila in Paris and kills her in her apartment. How does he do it?
With a hatchet
With a knife
With a gun
He burns her alive

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