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How Well Do You Know: Dexter, Season One: Part II
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Dexter Season 1 quiz

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1. Episode seven: In a voice over, Dexter surmises there are about how many serial killers in the United States?
About 10
About 50
About 100
About 200
2. Episode seven: Debra and Angel find who they think is the Ice Truck Killer from a database of names. The database is a list of people who committed what?
Parking violation
Moving violation
3. Episode seven: The bone remains of whom are uncovered in the backyard of Neil Perry, the supposed Ice Truck Killer?
His mother
His father
His sister
His brother
4. Episode seven: The police team figures out Neil Perry oftentimes takes women in one particular hotel. When they get there, the hotel owner says he's currently in one of the rooms. However, when the team breaks in the room, they only find a bloodied prostitute tied to a bed. Where does she say Neil went?
Out of town
A drug store
A liquor store
To sharpen his knife
5. Episode eight: Dexter notices that three recent suicide victims shared the same what?
Personal trainer
6. Episode eight: Deb starts dating who?
Another mechanic
Tony Tucci
Tony Tucci's doctor, Rudy
7. Episode eight: Dexter (finally!) has sex with Rita. However, the previous night he uses what excuse to get out of doing the dirty deed with his girlfriend?
Date with Deb
Therapy session
He's tired
8. Episode eight: Lt. Maria Laguerta uses what to verify whether Neil Perry really is the Ice Truck Killer?
A lie-detector test
An eye-witness sketch
A severed head
9. Episode nine: Sgt. Doakes shoots and kills a man after a foot chase. When Angel admits to Dexter that he doesn't think Doake's story adds up right, Dexter says what?
"Blood never lies"
"Ghosts don't lie"
"Dead people can't lie"
"My Hips don't lie"
10. Episode nine: Fresh out of jail, Paul wants to take his (and Rita's) kids where?
The zoo
The circus
A museum
A baseball game
11. Episode nine: Dexter's biological father bequeaths to him his former house. While packing away the contents inside, Deb, Rita, Rudy and Dexter rock out to what song?
"Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" by CCR
"Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf
"More Than a Feeling" by Boston
"Slow Ride" by Foghat
12. Episode nine: Sgt. Doakes shares a history with the man he guns down in Miami. In what country did they originally meet in?
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
13. Episode nine: Rita attacks an intoxicated Paul with what after she lets him into the house?
A skillet
A bat
A wooden spoon
14. Episode ten: Angel scores tickets to what show, which he at first uses as an excuse to get out of spending an evening with Masuka?
James Taylor
Neil Diamond
Bruce Springsteen
Taylor Swift
15. Episode ten: In the bloody disaster of a room the team investigates in the Marina View Hotel, Deb and Sgt. Doakes happen upon a bible, which is open to what book?
16. Episode ten: Dexter tells a desperate Rudy that _____ are Deb's favorite kind of flower.
White roses
Pink tulips
17. Episode ten: Dexter stops Paul from visiting the house by framing him for drug use. What substance do police catch him with, which is enough evidence to haul Paul back to prison?
18. Episode eleven: The Ice Truck Killer poses his next victim as a series of Christmas presents under a Christmas tree. What time is displayed on the click? (Hint: It's the same as the Marina View Hotel room number and the chapter and verse of the passage read from the Bible).
19. Episode eleven: Cpt. Matthews kicks Lt. Laguerta off the Ice Truck Killer case. Who replaces her?
Sgt. Doakes
20. Episode eleven: Dexter finds out information about his mother in this episode, like her small-time crime background. He also remembers certain details about her, like her name. What is it?
21. Episode eleven: Once Dexter figures out that Rudy is the Ice Truck Killer, he begins looking in his trash for any instances of blood he can match with a sample found on Angels' shirt. What item in the dumpster does Dexter discover that indeed carries a sample of Rudy's blood?
A sock
A mothball
A toothbrush
22. Episode twelve: Dexter finds a new clue from the Ice Truck Killer from a screensaver the killer must have saved on his computer. What song serves as the screen saver's soundtrack?
"You Light Up My Life"
"Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head"
"Bless the Beasts and Children"
"Born Free"
23. Episode twelve: Dexter thinks his mother's remains are kept in an abandoned cargo unit. Instead of her remains, what does he find when he opens the unit?
24. Episode twelve: While Dexter was taken in by Harry Morgan after the death of his mother, Rudy (aka Brian) was institutionalized for what disorder?
Antisocial personality disorder
25. Episode twelve: Where does Dexter kill his brother, the Ice Truck Killer?
In his apartment
In his brother's apartment
In their childhood home
In an abandoned warehouse

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