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How Well Do You Know: The Year Without a Santa Claus
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1. Who provides the voice of Santa Claus?
Fred Astaire
Burl Ives
Casey Kasem
Mickey Rooney
2. Who puts the idea in Santa's head that maybe he should stay home in bed this year?
The grumpy old doctor
Mrs. Claus
3. Who is the number one elf?
Jangle Bells
Jingle Bells
4. Who fantasizes that they could be Santa Claus (in a long, drawn-out musical number)?
Ignatius Thistlewhite
Jingle Bells
Mrs. Claus
Yukon Cornelius
5. After the elves dash Mrs. Claus's dreams of filling in for her husband, what do they all decide is Plan B for helping Christmas to happen as originally planned?
I don't want to give too much away, but it involves Tim Allen and a contract
Jingle and Jangle will go find some examples of Christmas spirit left over from last year
They'll call in Mother Nature to talk some sense into Santa
They'll get the Grinch to fill in
6. Which reindeer takes Jingle and Jangle on their search to find some Christmas spirit?
7. What does Santa do when he finds out where Jingle, Jangle and Vixen have gone?
He calls the Miser brothers for assistance
He goes out to find them
He notifies the police
He stays in bed
8. Which reindeer takes Santa on his search to find Jingle, Jangle and Vixen?
9. What is the name of the city where Jingle and Jangle go to find some Christmas spirit?
Holiday City
10. A cop cites Jingle and Jangle for all of the following, except...
Crossing the white line
Impersonating a North Pole personality
Riding a Vixen the wrong way on a one-way street
Wearing funny-looking suits on a Sunday
11. What happens to Vixen while Jingle and Jangle are talking to some kids about Santa and Christmas?
The dogcatcher takes her away
She gets attacked by a cat
She gets reindeer-napped by the Miser brothers
She runs into Santa Claus
12. What is the name of the boy who befriends Santa (without realizing who Santa actually is)?
Jules Bass
Ralphie Parker
Arthur Rankin
Ignatius Thistlewhite
13. Why does Ignatius say he doesn't believe in Santa Claus?
He's never seen Santa Claus
It's implausible for a man that size to fit down a chimney
None of his friends believe
That's kid stuff
14. Jingle, Jangle and Ignatius all meet up and eventually ask this person for assistance in releasing Vixen from the pound.
The Burgermeister
The Mayor of Southtown
Mother Nature
Mr. Thistlewhite, Ignatius' dad
15. After a lot of laughter, the Mayor agrees he will spring Vixen from the pound if the elves can...
Bring him Santa's hat
Find a way to make it snow in Southtown
Get him off the naughty list
Make him a nice dinner of spaghetti and syrup
16. Who actually ends up saving Vixen from the pound?
Ignatius Thistlewhite
The Mayor
Mrs. Claus
17. Since Ignatius, Jingle and Jangle don't know that Santa has rescued Vixen, they're faced with the prospect of finding a way to make it snow in Southtown. Who do they first call for help?
Heat Miser
Mrs. Claus
Snow Miser
18. Who does Mrs. Claus suggest that they need to see in order to have snow fall in Southtown?
Heat Miser
Jack Frost
Mother Nature
Snow Miser
19. Snow Miser never wants to know a day that's...
Devoid of snow and ice
Over 40 degrees
Spent at the beach
Warm and sunny
20. Why does Snow Miser love Santa Claus?
Because Santa put Heat Miser on the naughty list
Santa's the best advertisement 'snow biz' ever had
Santa once gave Snow Miser a bitchin' sled
Who *doesn't* love Santa Claus?
21. Heat Miser never wants to know a day that's...
Best for skiing
Got an inch of snow on the ground
Spent in Vail, Colorado
Under 60 degrees
22. Heat Miser wonders why Santa doesn't...
Put him on the 'nice list'
Vacation at the beach for Christmas
Wear a bathing suit and drive a sand buggy
23. When Heat Miser and Snow Miser can't come to an agreement about snow in Southtown, Mrs. Claus states that she will go over their heads to...
King Moonracer
The Mayor
Mother Nature
Super Miser
24. The Mayor of Southtown is stunned when his wife tells him on the phone to remember to...
Kill Phillip
Put his snow tires on the car
Stop at the grocery store and buy a snow shovel
Wear his galoshes
25. What turns Santa around on the idea of taking Christmas off?
Heat Miser's made it all warm and yucky at the North Pole
He decides he needs a break from Mrs. Claus
He gets hungry for some cookies
A little girl writes to him and tells him she'll have a blue Christmas without him

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