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How Well Do You Know: Dexter, Season Two: Part I
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Dexter Season 2 quiz

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1. Episode one: The second season opens about how many days after the end of season one?
A day
A week
3-4 weeks
5-6 weeks
2. Episode one: Dexter has taken up a new hobby to pass his time: bowling. His team, which includes Masuka and Angel, goes by what name?
Bowling for Bodies
Bowl Till You Bleed
Violating Our Victims
Hitting On Some Hemoglobin
3. Episode one: Dexter's first attempt at murdering someone this season does not go so well. Instead of plunging into the body, his knife redirects itself and goes into the table. The man Dexter is trying to killing has what disability?
He's blind
He's deaf
He's autistic
He's epileptic
4. Episode one: Treasure hunters discover something of Dexter's at the bottom of the ocean. What?
His Barbie head
His knives and other equipment
His victims' bodies
His case of blood samples
5. Episode two: Unable to kill Little Chino last time around, Dexter gets some new equipment that he will attempt to spear Chino with. For what animal is the weapon supposed to be used for?
A bear
An alligator
A stork
A pig
6. Episode two: While at the gym, Deb is forced to remember the night when she was almost killed by the Ice Truck Killer. What item in the gym reminds her of the encounter?
A towel
A bench
A gun
7. Episode two: How many people attend Paul's funeral?
8. Episode two: Dexter lies to Rita by admitting he's addicted to what drug?
9. Episode three: Rita figures out Dexter didn't stay for the entire run time of his first Narcotics Anonymous meeting. How?
He's home earlier than expected
He doesn't have a newcomer's pin on his person
He can't answer basic questions about the meeting
He never checks in on Rita after the meeting
10. Episode three: FBI's Lundy names three people from Miami Metro to his special task force. Who DOESN'T get placed on his team?
11. Episode three: Dexter gets to know a car salesman, who Dexter believes is somehow connected to a number of women who have recently wound up dead. To match evidence at the crime scene, Dexter swipes the salesman's comb. However, the object proves not to be useful. Why?
Dexter loses it
The comb hasn't been used
The salesman is bald
The salesman's hair is fake
12. Episode three: Dexter originally uses an alias at his first NA meeting. What?
13. Episode three: Dexter ends up purchasing an automobile from the salesman. What?
A coupe
A truck
A minivan
14. Episode four: Masuka makes a break in the Bay Harbor Butcher case. He realizes that the team can trace what harbor the killer's boat comes from due to _____ in the bags.
15. Episode four: Esme asks Dexter to test this article of clothing, which she believes carries the scent of another woman.
A shirt
A sock
A scarf
16. Episode four: Dexter brings Lila into the FBI tent to show her the Bay Harbor Butcher bodies. Why?
To show her how he murdered his victims
To admit to her that he's a serial killer
To show her real evil
To kill her
17. Episode four: Dexter thinks he's doing himself a favor by breaking the FBI tent's refrigeration unit, which ruins the remains of his victims. However, the team can still trace back what harbor the Bay Harbor Butcher's boat is in with what?
The murder weapons
Excess water
18. Episode five: When Gabriel admits to Deb that her former boyfriend was the Ice Truck Killer, he isn't sure who she's talking about. Why?
He just moved to Miami
He was out of town while the case was going on
He knows the real killer and doesn't want to compromise their identity
Gabriel is the Ice Truck Killer
19. Episode five: Dexter's biological mom was used in what capacity for the Miami Metro Police Department back when Harry was still around?
She worked vice
She was a detective
She was a drug informant
She shared no connections with the department
20. Episode five: Dexter traces back the killer of his biological mom to a man in Naples. Where does he work?
A barber shop
a comic book store
A tavern
a hotel
21. Episode five: Deb makes a huge mistake when she mistakens one of Gabriel's books, The Ice Princess, as an account of her time with the Ice Truck Killer. In reality, the book can't be about her because he writes what genre?
Children's books
Science fiction
Bizarro fiction
Historical fiction
22. Episode six: How does Lundy say he and the police know that the Bay Harbor Butcher uses plastic to tie up his victims?
There's plastic in the body bags
There are patterns on the victims' skin
The killer revealed the information in his manifesto
It's just a good hunch
23. Episode six: What does Lundy say will have to happen for the FBI to take full control over the Bay Harbor Butcher case?
The killer will have to butcher just one more victim
A vigilante will have to kill at least one victim
The team will have to fail to get one witness by the end of the week
The team will have to fail to gather any more evidence by the end of the week
24. Episode six: Why does Dexter kill Olson, the man who tried to imitate the Bay Harbor Butcher?
Because Olson admitted to killing people
Because Olson was going to expose Dexter as the real Bay Harbor Butcher
Because Olson saw Dexter kill another person
Because Olson slept with Deb
25. Episode six: Why does Dexter tell Rita that he slept with Lila?
Because he hates Rita
Because Rita no longer allows Dexter to see her kids
Because he didn't know she was in the room
Because he wanted to tell her the truth

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