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How Well Do You Know: Dogma
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1. The disclaimer at the beginning of the film cites what animal as proof that God has a sense of humor?
The Chihuahua
The flying squirrel
The armadillo
The platypus
2. The opening scene takes place on the boardwalk of what city?
Cape May
Asbury Park
Atlantic City
Ocean Grove
3. Where does the Metatron first appear to Bethany?
At church
At a restaurant
In her bedroom
At a baseball game
4. The Buddy Christ figure is shown doing all of the following except:
Giving a thumbs up
Making an OK sign
5. What is the name of Cardinal Glick's campaign for making over the church's public image?
Catholicism Wow!
Catholicism Now!
Church Buddies!
Mass Appeal!
6. Bartleby and Loki are first shown in what city's airport?
St. Louis
7. Where does Bethany work?
At a hospital
At the church rectory
At a strip club
At an abortion clinic
8. The concept at the center of the loophole which Bartleby and Loki want to exploit is called what?
Papal infallibility
Plenary indulgence
Iconic participation
9. According to Loki, what is the most exhausting activity one can engage in, next to soccer?
Judging the righteous
Defending the faith
Explaining Catholicism
Mass genocide
10. Jay and Silent Bob sought out Shermer, Illinois, because of the works of which filmmaker?
George Lucas
Cameron Crowe
John Hughes
Chris Columbus
11. Loki shoots to death a man on the bus. Why?
He was about to rob the passengers
He had robbed a bank
He was kissing a woman who was not his wife
He took the Lord's name in vain
12. Rufus claimed that Jesus still owes him how much money?
13. What was the name of the golden calf?
14. What is Serendipity?
An angel
A muse
An apostle
An archangel
15. Serendipity claims that she was responsible for 19 of the 20 top grossing films, except for which?
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Home Alone
The Godfather
16. What name did Bartleby use on the train?
17. Loki uses what story as an indictment of organized religion?
Alice in Wonderland
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Beauty and the Beast
Jack and the Beanstalk
18. Rufus and the Metatron reveal that God leaves Heaven to partake in what?
Roller disco
19. What does Silent Bob use to kill Azrael?
A goblet of holy water
One of the demon's hockey sticks
Cardinal Glick's driver
A flaming sword
20. Of Bartleby and Loki, which is shown with wings intact?

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