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How Well Do You Know: 2008: The Year in Pop Culture II
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2008 Year in Pop Culture Quiz

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1. Which of the following was not featured as a contestant on the CMT program Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling Championship:
Danny Bonaduce
Dustin Diamond
Richard Hatch
Trishelle Cannatella
2. In January, Sarah Silverman appeared on the late-night show of her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel. Silverman and what other star performed a song together, suggesting they were having an affair behind Kimmel's back?
Natalie Portman
Matt Damon
Pierce Brosnan
George Clooney
3. Which of the following is the reigning Miss USA?

4. This prima donna actress attacked the writers of the show that made her famous when she withdrew her name from Emmy consideration, saying that her character's story arcs were not good enough in the 2007-2008 season.
Glenn Close
Teri Hatcher
Katherine Heigl
Vanessa Williams
5. Which movie's producers took the unusual step of firing its director from the sequel while the original film was still doing very well in theaters?
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Get Smart
6. Who made a quick $92 million in a divorce settlement this year?
Salma Hayek
Tony Parker
Guy Ritchie
Mrs. Alex Rodriguez
7. Which of these shows did not end in 2008?
Boston Legal
Friday Night Lights
The Wire
8. What is the Hammer?
Captain Hammer's hammer
Captain Hammer's hands
Captain Hammer's penis
Doctor Horrible's freeze ray
9. This glorious image:

is from a music video from which artist?
Heidi Montag
Jessica Simpson
Taylor Swift
10. Which of the following people did not win a reality show in 2008?
Bob Crowley
Stephanie Izard
Warren Sapp
Starr Spangler
11. Tina Fey made a triumphant return to Saturday Night Live, during which she stated in a QVC sketch that she was "going rogue". Everyone and their mother knows that she was portraying:
Alec Baldwin
Liz Lemon
Sarah Palin
Rogue of the X-Men (but she was dressed as Storm)
12. Everyone knows who Tina Fey was portraying. But which SNL regular was roundly criticized for his work as Barack Obama?
Fred Armisen
Will Ferrell
Darrell Hammond
Kenan Thompson
13. Which of these actors did not win an Academy Award?
Javier Bardem
Cate Blanchett
Daniel Day-Lewis
Tilda Swinton
14. Which of the following people did not turn 50 this year?
Tom Cruise
Michael Jackson
15. Which of the following shows was *not* canceled?
Back to You
Eli Stone
Everybody Hates Chris
Pushing Daisies
16. If we were to mention a guy who bungled into the political arena with a first name of Joe, what would you think his profession was?
17. How many gold medals did Michael Phelps win at the Olympics?
They just gave him the keys to Fort Knox
18. Which of the following was not a major comic book event in 2008?
Batman RIP
Final Crisis
Secret Invasion
Sinestro Corps War
19. What video game had people hula hooping, boxing and bouncing soccer balls off their heads?
Mario Party VIII
Wii Fit
Wii Ski
Wii Sports
20. This long-time host of Meet the Press died unexpectedly in June:
Tom Brokaw
Peter Jennings
Dan Rather
Tim Russert
21. We're still a little befuddled by CNN's decision to use this technology on Election night.
In-screen text messages (OMG! UR DUM!)
Split-screen broadcasts where two people talked at once
Voice modulation
22. Which of the following characters did not die on Lost?
Danielle Rousseau
23. Which of these Americans did not participate in the 2008 Ryder Cup?
Justin Leonard
Anthony Kim
Phil Mickelson
Tiger Woods
24. Which of these Freaks and Geeks did not star in a movie that made at least $100 million worldwide?
Linda Cardellini
James Franco
Seth Rogen
Jason Segel
25. John Hinckley Jr., take note. Which celebrity was quoted as saying, "Olivia Wilde is so sexy, she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands."
Megan Fox
Brian Austin Green
Hugh Laurie
Eva Mendes

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