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How Well Do You Know: Pitch Black
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Wow, man.  That was some *primo* acid.

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Miss smith, I found two errors with your quiz: 1. Number 2 I believe it was says that the ship was carrying 50 passengers and 2 crew, however Owens clearly states that they are only carrying 40 passengers during his mayday during the crash. 2. There are actually 12 crash survivors. Imam, His 3 sons (Ali, Hassan, and suleiman)Jack,Paris, Shazza, Zeke, Fry, Johns, Riddick and I believe you are forgetting the stranger that Zeke mistakes for Riddick and shoots, who says that he survived the crash
sblackburn 7/18/10 1:01 am


1. What awakens the passengers and crew of the transport ship from cryosleep?
The alarm clock goes off
The cryogenics system malfunctions
Pirates board the ship
The ship's malfunction warning systems go off
2. How many passengers and crew boarded the ship?
40 passengers, 2 crew
50 passengers, 4 crew
60 passengers, 6 crew
70 passengers, 8 crew
3. How many of those on board the ship survived the crash?
4. What is unique about the planet on which the ship crashes?
It is covered in ice
It is inhabited by bird people
It orbits a red dwarf
It is a trinary system
5. After the crash, what are the most pressing concerns for the survivors?
Finding food and shade
Finding medical supplies and the latrine
Finding a radio and calling for help
Finding water and not getting killed by Riddick
6. Which of Riddick's senses is enhanced and how?
Hearing; his auditory nerves have been enlarged so he can hear in the supersonic range
Scent; his olfactory center has been enlarged so he can smell a woman at 200 yards
Sight; his pupils have been enlarged so he can see in the dark
Touch; his fingertips have been enlarged so he can instantly determine sheet thread count
7. What is Jack's secret?
He's the Galactic Emperor’s son and there’s a huge reward for his safe return
He's a girl
He's a Muppet
He's a native of the planet who brought the ship there on purpose
8. Who first discovers the predatory creatures and how?
Fry, when she goes to scout bathroom locations
Jack, when he’s exploring the network of burrows near the ship
Johns, when he’s looking for a hidden place to shoot up
Riddick, when he watches one of the creatures kill Zeke in the burrow in the grave
9. How do the other survivors determine if Riddick's account of Zeke's death is true?
Fry volunteers to go into the burrow in the grave to investigate
Jack volunteers to go into an adjoining burrow to investigate
Paris volunteers to go for pizza
Riddick is persuaded to 'volunteer' to go into the burrow in the grave to investigate
10. What astronomical event is about to occur in this solar system?
An eclipse of the three suns
A meteor shower
The return of Halley’s Comet
A star is going nova
11. How does the astronomical event endanger the survivors?
It blinds them if they look directly at it without eye protection
It raises the UV rays to a level lethal to humans
It shortens their window of opportunity to find a way off the planet
It throws the entire planet into darkness, allowing the creatures free rein
12. How do the survivors plan to escape the planet?
Use parts from the machines they find in the abandoned geologists’ compound to repair their ship
Use the skiff they find in the abandoned geologists' compound to escape the planet
Use the subspace transmitter they find in the abandoned geologists’ compound to send out a distress
Use the travel agent they find in the abandoned geologists’ compound to book a new itinerary
13. Why does the group need to return to the crashed transport ship?
They forgot the cargo they’ll need to barter rescue once they reach the Sol-Track Shipping Lanes
They need more power cells in order for the skiff to achieve escape velocity
They left the oven on
They need water and food for the journey
14. What does Fry discover about the creatures that gives the survivors a way to get back to the skiff from the crashed transport, where the eclipse trapped them?
They are burned by alcohol
They are burned by human saliva
They are burned by light
They are burned by radiation
15. What leads Johns and Fry to believe Riddick is betraying them?
They notice he's carrying the skiff's operating manual
They notice he's crossing sled tracks they've already made
They notice he's loading his gun and palming his shiv
They notice he's trying to reach the skiff ahead of them
16. What is Riddick's explanation for leading them in circles?
They're approaching a canyon filled with the creatures and he needed time to come up with a plan
He's not circling round; the sled tracks weren't made by their sled
He got confused by the creature's echo-location
They're seeing mirages due to sunstroke
17. What is the first plan for running The Gauntlet and who suggests it?
Imam suggests they pray to Allah to bring down a plague of locusts on the creatures
Jack suggests they try to use the burrows to return to the ship
Johns suggests he and Riddick kill one of the survivors and use the body as chum
Riddick suggests he and Fry run ahead to the skiff whilst the others create a diversion
18. Who foils Johns' plan and comes up with a way to run The Gauntlet and keep everyone alive?
19. After running The Gauntlet, what derails the group’s continued progress to the skiff?
They discover they’re actually in a box canyon
The sudden rainstorm douses their lights
They run out of alcohol to fuel the lights
The sled’s runners break
20. How many of the 11 transport-crash survivors ultimately make it off the planet?

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