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How Well Do You Know: Extras: Season Two
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Extras Season 2 quiz

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1. Episode one: Who does Orlando Bloom continuously mock throughout the episode?
Johnny Depp
Keira Knightley
Viggo Mortensen
Brad Pitt
2. Episode one: Keith Chegwin joins the cast of Andy's sitcom, but can't seem to do a thing right during each take of one specific scene. Which of the following miscues does Keith NOT do?
He looks at the camera
He smiles when the scene is supposed to be serious
He forgets to stand on the correct marker
He doesn't know the actress's name he shares the scene with
3. Episode one: Why is Orlando so angry with Maggie?
She doesn't think he's a big movie star
She doesn't find him attractive
She doesn't think he has enough money
She doesn't find him very smart
4. Episode one: What dropped food item symbolizes Barry's lack of integrity?
5. Episode two: On Andy's sitcom, foreign investors enter the workspace. What country are they from?
United States
6. Episode two: While walking with Maggie, Andy happens upon a homeless man. How much money does he end up giving him?
10 quid
20 quid
50 quid
100 quid
7. Episode two: Reviews for Andy's sitcom come in horrendously bad. However, Darren thinks he finally finds a positive one on the Internet, but later learns the review is actually for a different show. What?
When the Whistle Blows
When the Wind Blows
Wind in the Willows
Gone with the Wind
8. Episode two: Andy and his friends get kicked out of the VIP section of the bar because the bar staff allows someone else to take over the section. Who?
Greg Kinnear
Clive Owen
Leonardo DiCaprio
David Bowie
9. Episode three: What does Darren say he wants to resell as soon as possible?
DVD player
Speaker equipment
10. Episode three: When Daniel Radcliffe's mom arrives, she's surprised to see her son with cigarettes. Who does the boy blame he got them from?
His brother
11. Episode three: Daniel accidentally loses his condom in the cast truck. Whose head does it land on?
Dame Diana Rigg
Dame Maggie Smith
Dame Judi Dench
Dame Eileen Atkins
12. Episode three: Andy makes a big mistake when he complains that a boy in the restaurant he's eating at is making too much noise. To his surprise, the kid has Down's syndrome. The media make various claims about the incident that really do not occur. Which of the following did they NOT make up?
Andy punched the kid
Andy punched the mother
Andy was glugging red wine
Andy asked for a refund on his meal
13. Episode four: Andy and Chris Martin from Coldplay do a PSA for what cause?
Land mines
Impoverished children
14. Episode four: Chris Martin guest stars on Andy's sitcom and sings what Coldplay song?
"Fix You"
"Speed of Sound"
15. Episode four: Andy gets nominated for Best Comedy Performance for what award ceremony?
British Comedy Awards
Rose d'Or
Golden Globes
16. Episode four: At the awards show, Andy is pulled into a bathroom stall by Darren. There, Ronnie Corbett is doing what drug?
17. Episode five: What Shakespeare play does Darren mention that Andy does not want to act in?
The Taming of the Shrew
A Midsummer's Night Dream
King Lear
18. Episode five: The play, directed by Sir Ian McKellen, that Andy decides to star in is called what?
A Month of Summers
A Day of Winter
A Year of Springs
Three Days of Rain
19. Episode five: For what ultimate reason does Andy refuse to perform an on-stage kiss?
He's homophobic
He's got old friends in the audience
He can't stand the person he's suppose to kiss
He's got an ulcer
20. Episode five: Darren's date with Maggie goes terribly wrong. What event triggers Maggie's exit from Darren's home?
He overcooked the food
The booze ran out
He uses a whisk to clear the toilet of his feces
His television broke
21. Episode six: Andy appears on a talk show, where the host promises Andy a meeting with Robert De Niro. What show?
The Graham Norton Show
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
22. Episode six: Andy begins to routinely visit a sick boy at the hospital. During one visit, what special request does the boy's mother ask of Andy?
To bring other cast mates from his sitcom
To bring food for her son
To write her son into the sitcom
To speak at her son's funeral
23. Episode six: Who makes an impromptu visit to the hospital while Andy is visiting the sick boy?
Robert De Niro
Terry Gilliam
Robert Lindsay
John Cleese
24. Episode six: What do Darren and Barry use as a special masturbation tool?
A pen
A photo
A computer
A stapler
25. Episode six: Maggie brings the sick boy a game to play in his hospital room. What?
Connect Four

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