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How Well Do You Know: Extras: Season One
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Extras Season 1 quiz

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1. Episode one: Andy's first gig on Extras is a movie with Kate Winslet. What type of character does Andy play?
A priest
A prisoner
A Nazi
A security officer
2. Episode one: Kate Winslet overhears Maggie talking about how her boyfriend likes to talk dirty to her. What does Kate NOT suggest Maggie say back to her boyfriend?
"I'd love it if you stuck your willy wonker between my oompa loompas"
"I'm cleaning out my vegetable drawer"
"I'm playing with my dirty pillows"
"I'm aching for your big purple-headed womb ferret"
3. Episode one: At Suzanne's Catholic meeting, Andy says his priest growing up was an Irish fellow. What was his name?
Isaac O'Newton
John O'Lennon
Stephen O'Hawking
Michael O'Flatly
4. Episode one: Suzanne's sister, Fran, has what physical disability?
Cerebral palsy
Muscular dystrophy
Multiple sclerosis
Heart disease
5. Episode two: Ben Stiller asks the cast of his movie how he can help an orphan in a war zone. Before admitting that producing Goran's story would help, what movie of his does Stiller suggest the boy watch multiple times to make him laugh?
Along Came Polly
Meet the Parents
6. Episode two: Andy gets out of Jackie's party by telling her that a relative of his will be in town visiting. Who?
His sister
His brother
His mother
His father
7. Episode two: Andy thanks Goran for getting him a line in the movie by giving him what?
A gift card
A watch
A thank you note
8. Episode two: Maggie falls for Jon, but then declines to spend the night with him because of what?
He's a transsexual
He's got a bald spot
He's missing a thumb
His one foot is shorter than the other
9. Episode three: What does Ross Kemp say S.A.S. stands for?
Special Air Service
Super Army Soldiers
Special Atlantic Soldiers
Super Aerospace Ship
10. Episode three: While talking to Andy, Maggie compares Ross Kemp to what actor?
Vin Diesel
Bruce Willis
Michael Chiklis
Ben Kingsley
11. Episode three: A movie executive on set wants to replace Maggie with another extra because her _____ don't/doesn't look right.
12. Episode three: How many years does Andy say Darren has been his agent?
13. Episode four: Maggie flirts with an actor named Dan by telling him he did this "brilliantly" in the scene that he just appeared in.
Holding a folder
Standing still
Writing a letter
Looking stern
14. Episode four: Andy is forced to take a fellow extra, Dullard, out to dinner because Dullard gets him what?
A part in their next movie
A line in their current movie
A free lunch
A book of jokes
15. Episode four: Maggie is mortified when she thinks that Dan thinks that she's what?
16. Episode four: At dinner, Andy dumps his face in the soup in front of him after Dullard gets him tickets to what musical?
Billy Elliott
Jersey Boys
We Will Rock You
17. Episode five: For the first time, we find Andy working in theater instead of in film. What part does he play in the stage adaptation of Aladdin?
The Genie
18. Episode five: Les Dennis blows up on stage in front of a live audience because he finds out what?
His mother died
His girlfriend cheated on him
His wife wants a divorce
He's a new father
19. Episode five: What does Maggie ask for before being kicked out of Lizzie's birthday party?
Some chips
A beer
A couple sandwiches
20. Episode five: After miserable evenings for both Maggie and Andy, Maggie asks Andy if he'd like to come over. He declines by saying it's too late and that Maggie _____.
is crazy
can't cook
is tired
doesn't have a nice apartment
21. Episode six: Who does Darren think Andy should cast in the lead role of his new sitcom?
John Goodman
Tom Arnold
Barry from EastEnders
22. Episode six: What BBC network does Andy think best fits his new sitcom?
23. Episode six: Andy complains to Maggie that his writing partner at the BBC, Damon Beesley, is too what?
Bad at writing
24. Episode six: Patrick Stewart's latest script features a lot of what?
Naked women
Potty humor
Gay people
25. Episode six: An ad for this Jude Law movie is prominently displayed on a billboard in the season's final shot.
Road to Perdition
The Holiday

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